bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0: Winter Florals

Noticing a trend in eyeshadows?  Well, I can’t help it.  I like lilac, lavenders, and any other soft purple blend based shadows.  It is one of the few floral-type colors that look good on my skintone, and doesn’t make me look like a drag queen. 

1.  bareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Phenomenon, 0.1 oz for $20.00

I have to say I really like the creamy, blendable textures of bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 palettes.  I played with all of the mini palettes at Sephora, and found two palettes with shades that were not reminiscent of what I already have.  The Phenomenon is one of them.

The Phenomenon comes with two complementary shades that work fantastically together, or alone, your call.  Azure Iris is a lavender color, while Golden Iris is a muted yet shimmery golden-bronze color.  These colors would look great on the palest skintones, as well as the darkest/deepest skintones.  It looks great on yellow-olive tones, too! 🙂  Medium skintones with red undertones should probably stay far, far away. 

I was lucky to find a fashion/beauty editorial with a model wearing similar shades as eyeshadow.  The editorial reads more winter floral to me than spring floral because of the massive over exposure of the colors (which makes them more color malleable visually) from the sunlight (or photographer studio lights), which I imagined bouncing off a blinding snowy, winter wonderland.  Granted, this could work as a spring palette, too.  But it’s way too literal!  I like the winter wonderland imagery.  Think Tim Burton’s representation of the White Queen’s home in Alice in Wonderland…with less acid.  🙂

Here is a closeup.

These eyeshadows contain bareMinerals proprietary “SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex” comprised of powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber.”  These eyeshadows are supposed to have an anti-aging benefit, but I think we all know where I stand on most “skincare” benefit cosmetic products.  Check hereRegardless, these are one of the nicest feeling powder eyeshadows I have.  I likey!

Here are the swatches.  I am not sure why I forgot to add the swatches!

I hope that bareMinerals comes out with more palettes!

P.S. – Did you notice how the flowers in her hair also seem to fit the color palette?  🙂  That was a double bonus! 



  1. Your blog is so PRETTY 🙂 I love BM’s presssed eyeshadows. They are some of the highest quality on the market I think. They are beautiful whenl sheered out to give a wash of color, too.

    • Best comment ever!!! 🙂 It was really important to try to make the blog visually appealing to me. Still working at it! I agree about BM eyeshadows. I was really surprised but the formulation is awesome.

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