While autumn is my favorite season, I love the idea of spring.  The problem with spring in the temperate mid-atlantic is that it doesn’t last very long.  It starts out too wintery, snowy, slushy, gloomy and rainy.  For a few weeks, you might get bright beautiful  weather.  Soon enough though you are smacked upside the head with heat and humidity. In the city.  ICK! 

The reality of spring can never really compete with the idea of spring.  Even smack dab in the center of perfect spring weather, surrounded by the vegetation of spring.  Ideals in the abstract are always more powerful than the actuality, or realization.  Spring is powerful because of the idea of rebirth, newness, coming out.  Especially, if you are in the middle of a dark and dreary winter. 

It is still autumn, but winter is around the corner and I am not a fan of winter.  Being extremely light sensitive, I hate how winter seems like never ending darkness.  Even during the day time, the days seem overcast.  I crave natural light and artifical light doesn’t cut it.  I am definitely a little S.A.D.

Green is one of my favorite colors because it symbolizes light to me – and spring!  When everything is so dark, black, gray, overcast, cold, and suffocative – green symbolizes the opposite.

That’s why I have a particular affinity for things the color of green.  Containers, packaging, liquids, creams, accessories…I love me some green.  I am more inclined to buy skincare products if the coloring is green (cream, lotion, liquid, serum, vial, flask  – does not matter.  FACT!

But bright, lush, fertile green is not an easy color to wear in any season, let alone winter.  Partcularily because of the association with Christmas and cheesy holiday sweaters.  At all cost, AVOID the color RED!  Or plaids with green! 

I prefer the green accessory route.  Especially, if it is a little irreverant, but not disrespectful – more humorous.  Quirky, but not cheesy. 

Green in small doses. 

I once lost my blackberry on a commuter train.   I had to buy a new one, but I was still in contract and was not going to pay full retail for a new phone.  I decided to I check out ebay resellers and fell in love with a bright green blackberry.  The casing had been changed.  It didn’t matter that it was an outdated version of the phone I had lost.  This was a GREEN phone!  I loved my green, super slow, super crappy blackberry so much, I held out for a very long time before I got an iPhone.

However, I will not part with my dead green blackberry.  I keep it because it is a pretty, happy, shiny green!

When I finally got the iPhone, I got a cute green little monster case.  (Please note, I do not use my little green monster case in inappropriate professional settings.  As a matter of fact, I need a case for professional settings because I just end up removing the casing and let the iPhone go naked.  But that’s something else altogether.)

This is my ode to green.  Let it remind me of brightness, freshness, fertile ideas and openness on the darkest, coldest, most barren of days.

*I don’t remember the exact name of the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. bag, but I have a feeling it may have been as simple as “green.”

Update 12/12: Ha!  Pantone just chose the color of 2013 and it is Emerald: 17-5641

Pantone says: Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

I may have started early thinking about GREEN but apparently great minds think alike.


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