Magazine Weekends

I love me some magazines.   Even when they kind of stink.  Well, actually, no.  Then I will stop buying them and will rely on other methods to get my color saturation fix.

For me, they are a quick, easy and inexpensive (sometimes) way to explore the colorful and shiny.  I love beauty in any of its forms.  Being visually inclined but artistically challenged means I have to rely on others to feed my desire for form and color.

Flipping through the November issue of British Vogue with Jennifer Lawrence, I got a wonderful surprise as it featured two editorial spreads featuring Daphne Groenvald and Joan Smalls – separately – in not exactly the best use of each of their individual respective physical charms, but I was satisfied none the less.

I got to see a gorgeous beauty shot of Arizona Muse with her magnificent eyebrows.  My model brows.

An extra plus was the really awesome horoscope for december.  Do I believe?  Not generally, but in this case, I’ll go all “THE SECRET” ’til the end of the year! 🙂

From the December issue of the most improved magazine, American Harpers Bazaar with Taylor Swift on the cover, I enjoyed their color inspiration fashion/beauty boards, which I almost always tear out (dependent on the color choice, of course).  My current favorite was the deep vibrant red.

My absolute favorite feature in all magazines are the beauty inspiration, or backstage beauty shots.  I absolutely love neon bright lips and the custom shade featured on Joan Smalls for Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection was gorgeous.  Here are more beauty shots.

American luxury department stores continue their editorial worthy advertisements that are increasingly besting magazine editorial spreads.  I suppose these luxury department stores are focusing on the fact that they want people to BUY what they are featuring and not using pieces as visual philosophical expositions on something completely irrelevant, or completely UNFLATTERING, in relation to the clothes used.  Or in American Vogue’s case – mid jump shots of startled models against a white or black backdrop taken at various angles…BORING!!!! 

American Vogue is so NOT being renewed.

While I certainly can’t afford anything these editorials features, I do want to be inspired.  The Saks Fifth Avenue advert shot of the black leather wristband watch is GORGEOUS and gives me ideas on how to stylize black leather (whether in a bag, shoe) around hyper/neon bluish-purple.

As far as color inspiration, JCrew is my favorite catalogue to flip through.  I am inspired by the color stories they feature.  Like magazine editorials, advertisements, or features, I rip certain pages out to be stored in a large binder with the rest of my tear sheets. 

I have a pretty large collection of tear sheets that I occasionally go through to cull tears that no longer interest me.  The goal is to have a collection and reference of some of the best beauty/fashion/color editorials that I can flip through for ideas or just plain pleasure.

Lazy weekends flipping through my current editions of fashion magazines are the best.

*All shots taken with an iPhone.  Until I can safely restore and transfer my old files to the new computer, there won’t be any new photos/posts of products once the pre-scheduled ones post that were completed before my old computer died.

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