Hmmmm Mondays

Couple of things:

1.  I didn’t go to the gym like I was supposed to.  Oh well.

2. Going out to an org event tomorrow.  Too bad I don’t know what kind of attire is appropriate.  Or that other than showing up to check it out, I will want to leave after 15 minutes but the commute will be a massive pain in the butt to get back home.

3. Came across one of those me too Dylan Candy type stores and could not resist buying a bag of selected candies.  Too bad they didn’t have Boston Baked Bean Candies….but they did have Runts banana candies in a separate bin for the discerning sugarholic.  Yummm.

4. Two days after I entered into a weight loss competition with two grad school friends…but at least I picked up a few items from the Barnes & Nobles store!

5.  The cravings have begun…and why is there no butter around?!  I must have butter now that I don’t have any.

6. Discovered Becca’s new radiant foundation release is available in a Sephora retail store after I ordered online trying to find my match.  Burn.  Neither Olive or  Nude were appropriate for me despite early positive signs…at night.  Double Burn.  And sadness.   😦

7.  But I discovered that I absolutely love Becca Tints Watermelon and Raspberry.  Is it bad that I don’t remember which one I ordered from Becca’s F&F sale because I haven’t cracked it open yet.  Nor have I tried, or peeped, at the two highlighters I ordered. 

8.  Ditto for the Rouge Bunny Rouge bronzer…

9. I trekked to two different magazine stores and could not find a single British Elle or British Marie Claire.  This makes me sad.  But I did find British Vogue and Bazaar….my least favorite of the British mags.

10. Got a manicure because my nails/cuticles looked scraggly from nailbiting.  Got an impromptu eyebrow tweeze at same place and now have the BEST natural brows in years. Trust in Korean women spa techs understanding clean up and not mauling of the brow area.  Love!

11.  Found out I will have to shell minimum $99 bucks to have my Lenovo’s hard drive transferred so I don’t lose my documents, music, pictures, tex returns, and budgets. 

12.  They told me if it doesn’t work, they can ship it out to have it extracted for $400…I told them nothing on there is worth that!  Truth!

13. Debating whether I will call someone out on their UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE behavior to a higher up.  Professionally, of course.

14.  That didn’t work out so well the last time I did that when it was the higher up who was covering for them (and sanctioning it).

15.  This is why it is important to have friends in high places who will allow you to be a total unprofessional, abrasive, insecure, sabotaging, toxic employee – and reward you for it!

16.  At this point, I am just waiting for 2013 to get here.  2012 is done for me as far as I am concerned.

17.  But in the meantime, I absolutely love hiding underneath my soft and silky teddy bear, fluffy shimmer grey fleece blanket.  Oh, how I wish you could feel the silky, warm softness of it!  LOVE!!!!  Not even going to bother taking down my down comforter from the closet.  Convenient, lightweight warm comfort…hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Afterpost: blech, sugar nausea!



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