Technology Break Down

Technology is supposed to make things more convenient, faster, better.  When it starts to break downs, it becomes aggravating and maddening.

I purchased the laptop you see above in April 2010.  It is a Lenovo Y460.  I believe I received it sometime early May.  I have had this laptop for two and a half years now.  It is still useable but it is incredibly frustrating breaking down for the past year and a half.  It started acting up literally a year after I purchased it.  Since then it has been a slow death.  It overheats like crazy and it shuts off frequently while in the middle of use because of the overheating.  The charging port is now loose and I have to shove the adaptor prong and hold it for a while to make sure my laptop charges. The hard drive makes really unusual clicking sounds from time to time.  The keys stick or don’t function properly.  Plus, I have so many issues with clicking on any link on any website.  My computer won’t acknowledge it.  Plus, I am sure my computer is so virus laden that its a good thing other tech toys can’t catch it by mere proximity.  My Lenovo’s a cheap hooker letting anyone in.  I wish it had standards!

My previous laptop had been a portable, feature maxed out Dell Inspiron 700m, (bought near the end of it’s cycle – lucky me right? NOT!) I picked up for graduate school.  That computer looks like a heavy brick compared to the new thin and lights you see everywhere.  However, for a PC it was awesome and lasted nearly 5 YEARS!  Sure, the last year it was dropping functionality code left and right.  Of course, my biggest issue with the Dell was all the viruses I was picking up.  I easily parted with about $600 for virus removal and desktop cleaning over the course of the 5 years. 

When I decided it was time to pick up a new laptop I was shopping for something different and value packed.  Macs are nice but SOOOOOOO expensive. I couldn’t justify the cost.  I didn’t really need the computing power or theatrics especially when you are on your office computer most of the day anyway.  So, I went back to a PC but tried something different with Lenovo

When I first got my Lenovo I was so impressed with the audio and the images.  I had a discount and paid about a $1000 for a mid-tier laptop with two year warranty.  But looking at this jollopy now, I know  next time I either need to go for quality or dirt cheap.  First, Lenovo is infamous for BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER you have purchased the computer.  I purchased  a two year warranty and looked into getting my laptop checked out but it was near impossible to find information for how to go about the process.  Plus, it also meant being without my computer for a while.  Lastly, a google search of many other customers and the evasiveness of Lenovo to address issues, made me realize it wasn’t worth the hassle. 

That’s right – I didn’t even bother to use the extended warranty I had purchased because it wasn’t worth the trouble or the aggravation for something that was not going to be addressed satisfactorily.  So, it expired.

But my laptop is on a countdown to extinction.  Starting now (but this will post some days later!)  🙂

So, now I am stuck between getting a new Mac or some rock bottom cheap PC that I could hold on to for at least two years before I needed to buy a new one.  Decisions, decisions.  I need to think about what will give me the best value.  Sometimes, a cheap PC that only needs to be swapped out every two years could be more fiscally responsible than an expensive Mac

Financially, it is just really bad timing but I am gonna ride this jollopy ’til the bitter code dropping, intermittent charging end.

Update: Crud!  My computer can no longer charge.   I think it’s a mechanical issue, but there are too many blue-screen crashes, as well.   Good thing this is a prescheduled post, but I haven’t backed up anything in months.   By the time this posts, I should have a new computer, an HP Envy Spectre XT 13 ultrabook.  Basically, it is a Mac Air dupe that costs about $400 less. 

Update:  I do not suggest anyone buy a computer from the Microsoft store unless you want value added software programs WIPED from the drive.  Now hoping HP will fix the issue as original manufacturer.



  1. If only I had time to tell you this before!!! Don’t buy HP PCs!!!
    The customer service is not’s worse!
    I’ve had an HP Pavillion laptop since June 2009 (I paid it 1000€, just because I had scholarship money to spend on electronichs), after 2 weeks the webcam died and after 11 months the hard disk broke (I lost data and tons of time dealing with it). Luckily the PC was still guarantee so I sent the PC to the HP center and they fixed it without asking for money.
    About a month ago, my hard disk died again. And no, it’s not me using “too much” the PC. I never use any heavy programs on it. Of course, my PC wasn’t on guarantee anymore so I phoned the HP customer service to ask for help and they told me that even to TELL me what to do I had to pay 30€. UNBELIEVABLE.
    I had my PC fixed by a local PC center paying the new hard drive 130€. Now I’m seriously thinking about buying a new PC and I’ll NEVER EVER will buy HP anymore.

    I don’t want to jinx or anything, I just thought that sharing my experience could be useful to you.
    Anyway, I know lots of people who have HP PCs and never had a problem with them, but on the other side, web forums are full of people complaining about some of their lines of laptops.
    I really hope the PC you bought will work perfectly, really!!!!

    I’m planning on buying a Dell PC, now, even if it’s expensive I know it’s worth it.
    MACs are my dream but..those are really way out of my budget! 😛

    • Crud! I am suspicious of all computer brands except for apple but I really could not part with that at this time. I hate how most computer makers have horrible customer service and hie easily these things start malfunctioning. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this laptop lasts 2-3 years. Otherwise I will feel dumb. I came THIS close to buying an unsexy toshiba clunker for $260 less because one of my friends had a toshiba and she reported excellent customer service. But then even she moved on to a Sony. Not going to lie though the envy spectre xt 13 looks really hot. Too bad it’s basically a net book until they can ship me the recovery disks. Need to say despite the awesomeness of my dell 700m which was about 400 more expensive – i actually purchased a dell before the lenovo – but since it blue screened me right out of the box i returned it but had by far the worst customer service experience with the india based reps kept transferring me to another rep refusing to process a return. I was transferred over 6 times (dumped into original que line to start all over again) until someone decided they didn’t care and processed my return but still refused to waive open box fee.

      • I really hope you’re lucky and that the pc won’t give you any problems!
        Anyway, what I can suggest is test the PC deeply (use it hardly) and any sign of the HP center and let them help you! They will if the guarantee is not expired!!!
        Let’s hope you won’t need their help, though! ❤

  2. I also had a HP and is was a disaster, long story short – after 6 months it was dead, I had lots of problems (like, ok, why are you not working right now? …). I went for a vaio and now I have it for five years, there never was a problem or anything bad. It looks and ‘behaves’ like new. I didn’t go for a MAC because I had to use programs from my university and they were not compatible with the MAC system. I spent way to much money on cheaper laptops, I could have had a vaio and mac by now and a new nikon 😛 I safed up for a better computer/laptop and would do it again. The customer service seems to be a lot better as well (when you pay more, sad but true). I had a rather bad experience but I know people who are staisfied with their HPs and similar (also, I have to say, that they need the customer service at least once a year but it doesn’t seem to bother them :P).

    • This seems to be the consensus. HP’s suck? 😦 I still have to pay someone to fix the charging port of my old computer so I can charge it and retrieve my stuff from there, or remove hard drive and transfer?

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