Cupid, Budai, Perfume Bottles and Cotton

We are on top of the acrylic world!

I am always re-organizing.  Much of it has to do with the fact that I am ALWAYS making messes.  For someone who loves to have everything organized and in its place, I sure do like to undo them.  Most of it is thoughtlessness.

Always in the middle of another thought, while barely paying attention to what I am currently doing.  Except, I dislike how I feel when I am thoughtless.

I dislike the consequences, too.  Clutter enhances lack of concentration and decreases proactiveness.  My beauty hoard, once so organized, had swamped surfaces, haphazardly piled on top of boxes, squirreled away in bookcase shelves, or random trays.

The dark side of beauty blogging.

Blogging actually made the old beauty organization of my stash untenable.  So, I had to immediately rectify the situation.  Nevermind the annoyance of buying shades or products I already owned without even realizing it because I forgot I had it.  Or forgetting I had something and, therefore, not using it.  Or, completely losing items never to be seen or heard from again!  Where the hell are you Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry!  Where on this green earth did the L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation in Natural Beige go? Will I find it six months later, dust encrusted.  Or was it accidently thrown out after I threw it in some bags to declutter the bed because my table top surfaces were swarmed by mini bottles?  This blows!

My most recent set up, while still being fine-tuned, is a massive improvement from the myriad stackable acrylic boxes I kept in drawers, sight unseen.  Also, the open  acrylic boxes that lay on top of my desk had a real problem collecting dust.  I do not know why but my bedroom is a DUST MAGNET!  It is SOOOOO annoying!

This is a sneak peak at my beauty organization.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 I seriously hate dust, omg it drives me nuts. Then I have to wipe down all my makeup and surfaces with wet ones or antibacterial wipes or whatever! I do hope you find your missing products! Fortunately that never happens to me, unless it is something little, knock on wood!

    • OMG – I had an airhead moment because I was like “how did she know I checked out her blog!?!? How?? I didn’t leave a comment!” Then I remembered! Yeah – I am in the process of shifting most of my skincare products to a protected space that’s still accessible. Open desk set ups not ideal.

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