Trash Bin Edition

How unappealing!

Yup – this is the inside of a mini garbage bag.

You know I really should have thought this out better like taking a picture of all of the cosmetics I was going to chuck before I threw it away in the garbage and took a picture.  Bad planning, but it was a spur of the moment idea, which I executed rather hastily.

Sometimes, we hold on to cosmetics we know we will NEVER use again.  Why are we holding on it?  Is it the idea that holding on to it means that you didn’t foolishly part with your money?  Well, I’d rather admit I foolishly parted with my money, than hold on to something that is taking up valuable space. 

Despite my skincare compulsion, I actually do like the idea of having a tightly edited regimen.  Then again I like SHINY!  Ideals and reality.  At a certain point you have to see things for what they are as opposed for what you hope.  For now, me likey many, many bottles.  Creating my own mini apothecary “store” one bottle at a time.  This feeling is probably no different than someone who amasses Star Wars collectibles….but at least I will EVENTUALLY use ALL of my stuff!

Except when I don’t because it sucks, it is not meant for my skintone, or is too old to use. 

I did some reorganizing and decided that I needed to chuck things I was never going to use.  Too old mascaras…YIKES.  Old eyeshadows I had allowed my niece to play with.  Bad foundation powders that are too cakey-powdery and orangey.  Old blushes that needed to go.  New blushes that were too sheer.  Nasty, cakey foundations that had clumped or separated.  BB Creams that were the wrong color.  Or, for shades that are good but just didn’t work with your skintone – give them away to someone who might use them.  You get the idea. 

Do yourself a favor, and instead of hoarding in awe of your stash, give away or chuck some stuff out.  I did and now I have space.  Also, note items that are almost finished.  Make it a priority to use it up.  Nothing makes me feel better than finishing a skincare product.  If it doesn’t work for your skin, or you accidently opened up another bottle of the same thing, give away the other bottle so that it doesn’t expire.  Someone else can sample before they buy!


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