L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows

1. L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows in Glistening Garnet, Liquid Diamond, and Amber Rush, 0.12 oz for $7.95

L’Oreal’s Infallible Eye Shadows have been in the blogosphere for a while.  They have been swatched and commented on for blog ages now.  They are incredibly popular and are often compared to Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows, which are supremely pigmented, long lasting and shimmer bombs, or so says the blogospheres.  I have only ever swatched Armani’s shimmerbombs at Sephora and while pretty, they did not appeal to me.  I love my highlighters, but I am not a huge fan of glitter anymore, and shimmer eyeshadows are slowing going out that way for me.  Having said that, I still do appreciate the effect of a shimmery eye, but I am preferring the matte look more and more. 

I picked up Glistening Garnet, Amber Rush, and Liquid Diamond.  The shades that get the most use are Glistening Garnet and Amber Rush.  I love the effect of plums and coppers on my eyes, which are an intense medium-deep brown.  Combine that with yellow-olive skin, and it is just very flattering.  The same cannot be said of Liquid Diamond.  I do not believe I should have picked this up, but I will figure out a use!  Perhaps, as night time eyeliner for a fun night out?

These ARE long lasting and they set very, very fast.  I have not used ANY eye primer with these suckers.  I only use one color at a time.  I don’t think these shadows really lend themselves to being blended with other shades considering how fast they set and unbudgeable they are. 

Here are the swatches.

There were a few international releases that I wish I could have gotten, but overall I am not interested in the other shades available to the U.S. market.  Unless, L’Oreal releases some new pretty shades, I will not be picking up anymore. 



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