Workplace Wedges: Geox D Venere 3

I am not a shoe person at all.  I have a few friends who will look lustily at a trendy heel, but even they have given up a bit of the ghost as they have gotten older in favor of comfort.  Since I was NEVER in to pain, I was never a shoe person.  Sure, there were high heeled purchases that I grimaced through once or twice, to then lay collecting dust, practically unworn.  Those suckers have been donated and now I am not even going to venture in to the illusion.  Christian Louboutin may have said he “hates the idea of comfort” but then he is not the one walking in his shoes.  Could never imagine a man walking in pain for sex appeal. But I admire anyone who will suck it up and wear those towering 4 and 5 inch stiletto heels, especially if they pound pavement.  Granted, it helps if you are around 100 pounds of reed.  I am not.

Anyways, I needed comfortable workplace shoes to wear and I picked up the Geox D Venere 3 in Taupe, but now I am considering getting the Bordeaux, as well.  I have decided I am going to live in wedges.  I get to hug the ground and get a bit of height.  I am not confusing anyone by wearing super high heels if I am only 5’3″. 

Shoe Facts:

  • Suede leather wedges with patent cap toe.
  • Cushioned, leather lined insole with patented Geox breathes® system.
  • Modest 2 inch heel height and 1/4 inch platform

I was able to confidently powerwalk with these on and not have the slightest slip.  The outsole is rubber and therefore it grips the floor.  I have little desire to sashay on concrete as I do need to take the subway.  A problem with slip ons is that heels have a tendency to slip out.  Slippage was greatly reduced in these shoes and it is dependent on how you settle your feet in to the shoe.  I am happy with the shoe.

These retail for $150.00 but it’s not difficult to find shoes, in general, on sale on any particular holiday of significance.


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