Sephora Perfume Explosion

I sniffed Balenciaga’s Paris for a while before I made a purchase, and not even for that particular scent, but for Balenciaga’s Paris L’Essence version, which I figured would be distinct scent for the fall/winter.  However, I still want a more feminine traditional scent to balance out the androgynous, almost slightly masculine tone of L’Essence.    I am looking for a complementary scent that I can alternate in block periods, NEVER day to day, so it won’t make me nauseous.

Despite my love of violet scents, I don’t think I will repeat a violet scent purchase for a while, sorry Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde.  Dior’s Dior Eau Sensualle’s strong lilac and jasmine scent are pretty but it is a very strong spring scent.  So, if and when, it will be a spring purchase, not necessarily this coming spring.  Hermès Un Jardin sur le Toits was wonderfully crisp smelling apple-pear greenery, which was supposed to be inspired by a rooftop garden above Hermès‘ building at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.  It is light and very fresh, but not feminine enough, or appropriate for the season.  Burberry’s Body is also very floral musk-like scent on me, but that’s not going to cut it.  Neither will Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Fresh, which despite it’s very mild fruity-floral scent, I actually like. Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey Florale is another light, floral with a mild woody note I like.  That’s a possibility.  Cartier’s De Lune is appropriately named because it does remind me of smelling a flower garden at night – but I don’t want to be reminded of night 24/7, or relegate the perfume to night-time use. One thing I need more of in the winter is the feel of sun and light!  Dolce and Gabbana’s Pour Femme has a a light, fruityish floral scent that smells a little sexier than all the others, but I didn’t spritz on my own skin to smell the dry-down.  Chloe’ actually has three scents I am considering.  Unfortunately, the one I snapped is my least favorite of the three, Chloe Eau de Parfum.  It has a strong magnolia scent, which smells a little stuffy and headache inducing to me, despite it being a favorite scent for many others.  I prefer the other two scents more: Chloe Love and  Chloe L’Eau de Chloé Eau de Toilette.  But between these two, I have a hands down winner.

Ultimately, I made a choice.  A surprising one, considering how I discounted other scents for their appropriateness, but a smart ‘value-packed’ choice, nonetheless.   


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