MAC Eyeshadow Palette: Autumn Floral

My first self created MAC shadow palette was a bust.  I had went to a MAC store and wasn’t sure what I wanted and I was new to eyeshadow.  I ended up getting Carbon, Humid, Contrast, and Steamy.  I realized my mistake when I tried to use the colors, they were not right for me at all.  I ended up trading them away for MAC’s Mineralize in So Ceylan.  (BEST TRADE EVER since So Ceylan is now discontinued and it is my favorite bronzer/blush.)

I gave creating my own palette another go, two years later, and this was far more successful.  I had an idea of the kinds of shades I could wear on my skintone, what I felt comfortable wearing, and the colors I liked.  But I also wanted complementary shades.  This time I had a helpful associate who understood colorplay (Oh so important). 

1. MAC Eyeshadow Palette: All That Glitters, Coppering, Goldmine, Stars N’ Rockets, 0.05 oz for $12.00

I actually went in the spring to create this palette, but the shades work even better in the fall!  All That Glitters is a great shimmery neutral in the Veluxe Pearl formula.  It reads light peachy beige and can pretty much be worn day or night.  It can be paired with any of the shades in my palette, but I like to pair ir with Stars N’ Rockets.

Coppering is a lovely orangey-rust color in the same Veluxe Pearl formula.  I have seen this on folks and the undertones shift depending on your skintone.  It pay look more pinky-orange or red-orange depending on the tones in your skin.  I like pairing it with Goldmine.

It was the MAC beauty associate who convinced me Goldmine would go great with Coppering and not make me look like a transvestite (nothing wrong with ’em – but I want to look like a woman, not a woman who looks like a man who wants to look like a woman).    He applied the Coppering with the 217 MAC brush and by blending it all over my lid, diffusing the color.  He then proceeded to apply Goldmine even more sheerly from the mid-lid to the crease.  He blended for what felt like ages so that when I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, I was awed at the vision of a evening sunset prettily displayed on my very small eyelid.

Stars N’ Rockets came about because of my love of purpley based eyeshadows for adding a pretty pop of floral color.  I can’t really wear blues on my skin, so purple it is.  This shade was chosen because it would blend well with the the other shades.  It is also a Veluxe Pearl that has distinct pink pearl shimmer.   You can see it on an angle in the pan.  Stars N’ Rockets works with a TON of shades.  But I am a eyeshadow baby who does not get too ornate wth color combinations.  I will only ever use two shades max, although usually just one, using the other as a liner.  Small eyes, small eyelid, small brow bone space.  Oily skin.  Enough said.

Here are the swatches.

I wish my skintone worked with more color, but I have noticed most of my eyeshadows fall into the same color families.  This makes me sad.  On the otherhand, it makes buying different variations of the same shade easier. 

While I will not use ALL FOUR colors at the same time – INSANE – I can work it in through my other makeup, accessories and clothes.  YAY!!!  This color palette is very pretty and autumnal fresh as shown in the background fashion editorial shot of Lara Stone.  What I love about my palette is that it works great on my yellow-olive skin and dark black brown hair with auburn highlights.



    • MAC eyeshadows great to start with – that’s what I did. Good for beginners to experiment with, and loved by the advanced! Totally surf blogosphere for shades to check out in person. It can be a little overwhelming with all of the colors and the super made up MAC associates.

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