Blush Acrylic Storage Containers

While hunting for my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry (which I still cannot find), I ended up pulling out all of my blushes in their acrylic box containers.  Figured I would post the stash – minus one.  I like how my stash looks small because it makes me feel as if I haven’t gone overboard.  Sometimes, I feel like I have too much stuff.  Then I see someone else’s stash and I sigh a bit of relief because I am not that bad.   I saw one blogger’s beauty collection, and she was NOT a makeup artist and she had a retailer’s worth of cosmetics in boxes.  That’s when I realized having that much stuff of anything is a problem.  I actually felt a little sick looking at it because of how it reflected on me.  I may not have had that much stuff but I still have more than what I NEED.  But then someone comes up with a new shade, or undertone variation and I am all gung ho.  EEK!

This is not how my blushes are stored but I piled ALL of my blushes in the two containers.  I keep the blushes I am not currently using in two acrylic containers with lids that stack and are stowed away in my teal vanity’s desk drawers.  It is not the most ideal set up because if I can’t see my stash, I forget about it.  What would be helpful is if I could see all of my cosmetics in an organized fashion.  While the acrylic containers I have are awesome, I don’t have the surface space on my table to put these in an orderly fashion.  Thinking about completely redoing my vanity table top set up…maybe in buying some apothecary chest to put on top to help, but then I see things like those transparent CLEAR CUBE organizers, or MUJII boxes and I think why not.  But even then it wouldn’t be enough because my skincare collection is ridiculous.

I have looked into storage options and they are all ridiculously expensive and I just don’t have the space for it if I could afford it.  Sigh.  But I can dream can’t I?

These are from Restoration Hardware, which is furniture and fixture porn.  I believe all the pieces I am showing are $1000 or more.

I have a particular fantasy for an old school large metal and glass apothecary chest.  The kind you would find in a old world pharmacy filled with my skincare.  I can dream can’t I?



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