The Voice Season 3

I watched the first season of American Idol, but I can’t say it was that enjoyable.  I think I skipped alot of episodes.  The Voice, however, is soooo much fun!  I love the chemistry the judges have.  I love their competitiveness and their camraderie, as well as their scuffles (Hello, Xtina – it’s ok girl, I get you, you’re not interested in playing the good girl).

Honestly, the singers, while mostly great, for me take a backseat to the interaction the judges have and I would hate for any of them to be replaced.

I mean how would I have ever known about Blake Shelton and developed a crush on him! I don’t listen to country!  Or how girly-bitchy Adam Levine is, (hello – why else would he and Xtina butt heads so often!).  But I dig it!  Adam’s and Blake’s bro’ love.  And how else could we describe Cee-Lo other than crazy, sexy, cool – off in his own little world.

I am enjoying this season so much and we haven’t even hit the STEALS yet, and I hope mediocre singers DON’T make is as far as they did last season.  There were way too many who got lucky with a good song, but weren’t that great after. (Charlotte Sometimes + Lexy doing Pumped Up Kicks: who else thinks that harmony was freaking amazing and I would buy it on itunes if they made it available, but the only reason Charlotte was able to standout was because of the harmonizing and contrast both singers provided the other?).


  1. I’m a bit behind with the third season, but I’m deeeeeply in love with this show! I think it’s one of the best talent shows ever! They actually give more importance to the performance and the voice instead of the looks! Plus, all the contestants are talented (some more, some less, of course)!!! I’m watching the X Factor too, and can’t say that about them. There are some talented people too there, but..there are also people who can’t sing AT ALL!
    LOL Blake Shelton is “the man”, I have a crush since season 1! ahaha 😉

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