Random Asides…

If you have to ask me if I think your guy (boyfriend, fiance) is attractive then there is probaby something wrong with the basis of your relationship, OR you put an inordinate amount of focus on external perception of your relationship that should not matter.

For the record, I will ALWAYS SAY:

Of course, he is an attractive man!

Even though truth be told, I DO NOT find him attractive AT ALL (on a physical or personality level).  That does not mean there is anything wrong with him or that he is a bad person.  But I do not want to offend you.

If you need assurance of your guy’s attractiveness because it is important that other women want what you have…then you also need help.

If you are simply curious as to how other people view the object of your affection then maybe you shouldn’t ask the question.  It is weird and I will think you weird for it, as well as cracking a sliver of doubt in my opinion as to the basis of your relationship, even though it is none of my business – and I PREFER it to be NONE of my business.

If you are just so enthralled, or overwhelmed with your feelings for the guy, please don’t ask for the reasons above.   It is still strange.

I have been asked this question out of the blue by various folks in the last few years – and it always came out of left field, and I was always felt perturbed that they would even ask the question.  Basically, if you are over the age of 25 and you are asking this question and you are in a significant relationship with someone, you are usually indicating that there is something off in the reasons you want to be with someone.

On the flipside, please don’t ever apologize to others for being attracted to someone that may not fit societal norms of what is attractive.  This is not cool either.

I dig shorter stocky dudes with prominent, large roman/hooked noses and fuller lips.  You did not have to think this is hot.  I do.


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