Model Faces

Whoah! I found my model twin! You know the “model” version of you.  Here I am surfing the web for some specific models I find beautiful in my next installment of Model Faces and – bam –  her image hits my face and I am like, whoah – this shot of her has a striking resemblance to my seventh grade class portrait.  Even the hair style was the same.  While her lips are similar to mine, and her nose – well, it’s not mine, but her feral eyebrows and eyes that were an obvious twin.  However, the shape of her face is not a match at all.  Mine is squared and this girl clearly has an elongated oval with super point chin – the kind that photographs so well with those razorblade cheekbones.  I’ve got apple cheeks – the kind I can’t wait for age to deflate!  

Let me provide a visual aide…      🙂

See, cut off an inch of forehead, square it up top, fill in the lower part of her face to resemble a rounded square, and boom – TWIN!  (shut it! :D)

Want a pretty good representation of my eyes and ferally eyebrows – BOOM!

Alright, alright – it’s more her features than anything else that remind me of me, not necessarily her “face.”  Moving on.   🙂

So, who is this girl?  Paola Guzman, a up and coming dominican model listed on Elite Paris’ development roster.  I did get a chance to look at her other test shots, and the resemblance is really strongest with her agency headshot in black and white, and it kind of falls apart in color and from angles…um, yeah…. 🙂

In all seriousness, I have a particular viewpoint on what I find beautiful in women.  It is not one dimensional, or focused on a particular look.  I like unique, non traditional features, or an interesting arrangement of traditional features.  Liu Wen, Karlie Kloss, Du Juan, Cris Urena, Joan Smalls, Nur Hellerman, Isabela Fontana, Kelly Morriera, Cintia Dicker and Daphne Groenvald are all incredibly beautiful.  But I do hold a special appreciation for certain models who remind me, in some aspect, of me. 

Well, now I (kind of) have a model twin!  Yippy!

(Hush – don’t pop my self-flattery bubble)

Update: After discussion with one of my sisters, who said only the eyes and eyebrows are there, I quickly dismissed her as a hater, and went on my delusional merry way.  🙂

2nd Update: Fine, we don’t look anything alike, except for our eyebrows.  Can’t wait ’til old age sucks the fat out of my cheeks.




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