Body Wash: Nubian Heritage Body Washes

I love fragrant body washes that have good for your skin ingredients.  I do not know why more companies don’t put that much effort into body washes.  I love smelling a forest or flowers in my shower.  Nothing better than a citrusy scent in the winter to wake you up, or a soothing lavender scent when you want to be relaxed.  But I am also not much of a “nose” and I hate cloying or heavy scents that linger, or strong synthetic ones.  (Also, can’t stand fruity/candy scented body washes usually meant for teenagers.)  The body washes above have a noticeable scent as you squeeze it out and lather but it disappears soon after washed off.  So no matter what you are left feeling and smelling clean.

1. Nubian Heritage Body Washes in: Lavender and Wildflowers, Mango Butter, Goat’s Milk and Chai, Lemongrass and Tea Tree, Honey and Black Sseed, Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver, 13.0 oz for $11.99

It is ironic that the gateway product that introduced me to this line is not included.  There isn’t a acne product I haven’t tried.  When I heard about “black african soap” and it’s natural but medicinal ingredients I knew I had to give it a try.  I purchased Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Wash and Scrub over a year ago.  I love feeling that I am treating my body as well as I am treating my facial skin.  I fortunately don’t have much of acne problem below my neck, save for the errant bump on my shoulder blade because of my sports bra and the fact that it sucks in moisture as opposed to wicking it (bummer), but I can’t complain.  It is not a big issue.  Anyways, I loved the extra clean way I felt after using the African Black Soap Body Wash and Scrub, so when I discovered this line had other body washes with similar good for your skin ingredients with a different focus AND scent, I knew I had to try it and try I did.  I loved it!  I now circulate these body washes with another set of body washes from Skin Below the Chin Nutritive Body Cleansers. 

My favorites are Lavender and Wildflowers (Hydrating, healing, and calming); Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil (Uplifting, Brightening and Anti-inflammatory); Honey and Black Seed (Anti-blemish, smoothing, and healing).  New ones that I recenty tried and enjoyed are Goat’s Milk and Chai (Softening, hydrating and conditioning); and Indian Hemp and Haitan Vetiver (Anti-inflammatory, Moisturizing And Healing).  However, I am not feeling the Mango Butter (Rejuvenating, Firming, and Moisturizing).  Mango Butter, smells like BUTTER, literally.  Yeah, I should have known better.  I feel like I should be buttering my toasted bagel with it, not bathing in it.  But I paid for that sucker and I am using it.  I will just have to use tons of it at a time while holding my nose. 

There are a few others I haven’t tried from this line because I wasn’t interested in the olfactory sensation they may provide: Olive and Green Tea; Raw Shea Butter, and Coconut and Papaya. 

I love these body washes and if you are interested in a momentary, non-cloying, non-lasting scent in the shower that doesn’t smell synthetic, with good for your skin ingredients, then you need to check these out. 

These can be found in drugstores, but they are more expensive.  So, I got these cheaper at Vitacost.  I buy in bulk for products I like and can’t easily find, or easily find at a good price.  I also enjoy rotating different scents.  I do use mutiple bottles.  It’s russian roulette as to which one’s going to finish first, but I know I have several other bottles to go through, until I am on my last bottle and reorder another round. 


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