Pitch Perfect – Must See

So you are anti-formulaic cliche high school/college comedies where the guy/girl get’s the girl/guy and there are merry ensemble quips and wit, plus fun breakout, toe-tapping acapella singing that you can jam too sung by the uncoolest of the uncool, so uncool – that it’s cool?

Well, no one is making you go see Pitch Perfect.  I guess you dislike babies and puppies – in that order – too, huh?

If you enjoy babies and puppies, then you will enjoy Pitch Perfect…no, there are no babies and puppies in this movie.  But it is too cute and hilarious.  It is in the same vein as Bring It On, and other me too cheerleader movies that followed.  Of course, Pitch Perfect may actually be better.  Actually, it is better.

Go check it out.  My high school had an acapella group and yes, the girls crushed on the harmonizing.  No, there will be no crushing on the boys in this movie.  But you will absolutely enjoy the Barden Bellas.

Yeah, this is going in my lazy weekend dvd movie collection when it comes out on dvd.


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