Jennifer Connelly + Shiseido

Have you all started seeing this ad of Jennifer Connelly for Shiseido in magazines yet?  This woman is 41 years old and will be 42 in december. I have seen red carpet photos of her as well, and her skin is flawless.  I love this photo.  I know that beauty ads rely on photoshopping but I still feel like this image isn’t AS photoshopped as other beauty shots. 

I love her thick eyebrows.  I love the richness of her black/brown hair and the contrast against her skin. I also love the fact that it doesn’t APPEAR that she is wearing that much makeup.  The focus is on her smooth and clear skin.

Frankly, it makes me want to go out there and buy Shiseido’s Future Solution LX and I have been aware of this range for a while.  Anything THAT expensive makes me curious to wonder what is in there.  Plus, did I mention it is a Japanese beauty company?  Maybe it’s the 80’s girl in me – but Japanese prestige products just scream quality and efficacy to me.  However, anti-aging products have never been my focus.

Now that I am getting a little “long in the tooth” – OMG – did I just say that?!  Chuckle.  Yeah, I do need to seriously start thinking about anti-aging.   Even if my skin refuses to leave adolescence behind because of acne, I do need to start thinking about skin losing firmness/slackening and wrinkles.  UGH – writing that actually made me sad.  😦  Maybe, dealing with acne isn’t so bad after all? I have dealt with it so long that getting old and wrinkles never loomed large…but, sigh…it is around the corner. Kind of scary actually.

There is nothing more obnoxious than a 20 something year old saying how they want to respect the integrity of their face and not get plastic surgery or botox because they want to “age” gracefully.  I have read enough new young thing actress say this that I roll my eyes because I know they will be the first one’s running to the needle/scalpel.  People who say stuff like that erroneously believe that age will not smack em around and that THEY will be DIFFERENT.  I used to say the same thing in my twenties and now that I am in my thirties – I say screw that.  I don’t want to look like any of those puffed, pulled, and chiseled faces in the “Housewives of…” reality shows. Shudder.  Scalpels and needes do scare me…but I can’t say what I would or wouldn’t do until wrinkles and a slack face are staring back at me.  Right now, that is the future.  Not to distant future.  But women like Jennifer Connelly, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Lopez have entered their 40’s (or 50’s!!!) and they look so incredibly natural and fresh faced.  I do not know what they have or have not done.  But these are my “age” models I want to emulate.  None of them have the advantage of darker, or thicker skin, that ages incredibly well, even when abused.  So, I know they had to WORK to keep it this youthfu looking.  Plus – look at Julianne Moore!  On the aging spectrum – being a natural, fair skinned red head, means wrinkles are hitting you harder and faster than anyone else.  She looks better than Lindsay Lohan and she’s got 30 years on her, I think!

I know there are certain things I need to do.  I need avoid the sun like the plague.  I need to drink tons of water and eat more vegetables and fruits.  Eat less sweets – OY VE – that’s a hard one.  Especially knowing that refined processed sugars are a double whammy on the skin and waist line, but it makes me so happy!  🙂  Exercising, getting enough sleep, and stressing less are also important.  Let us not forget the ever important prescription strength retinoid – CHECK – and a vitamin c serum – CHECK!

Aside from all of that, I do need a daily topical anti-aging serum/cream.  I don’t have ANY meant for aging skin.  The Shiseido Future Solution LX is kind of pricey for me, so I will see if I can find something less expensive.  But this ad definitely reminds me that I need to get on the anti-aging wagon.



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