Waiting For Fall…Spring Can Wait. But Maybe I Can’t?

For the first time since I started following fashion week, I have not gobbled up, or cared about knowing, what the next seasons’ trends are.  I am just waiting for fall to hit thank you very much.  WTH?   I do not need to know what is going to be HOT for Spring right now.  Spring won’t be here till March.  Realistically, that means April for most east coast folks.  That’s like seven months away!  Fall “trends” haven’t even been realized, or worn.  Sometimes, in the rush to know what’s next, you miss what’s already here, or what will be here.  I am kind of tired of it.  It kills the fun and discovery of finding out what’s next when you are sick of winter, the slush, and the dark, overcast gray days.  I want to enjoy what’s here and what will be here around the corner. 

Frankly, I want to look at a January/February magazine issue and be surprised, or as much as I can be.  Fall isn’t even officially here and I have to bypass social media sites spammed with Spring looks.  What a buzzkill.

Also, I hate knowing about new product launches that won’t happen until the next season.  Looking at you Revlon…am I really going to have to wait it out for the new foundation line?  Best thing for me to do is to put it out of my mind.  I am horribly impatient when I want something.  The words “patience” and “want” are oil and vinegar to me.   They do not mix.  I have to practice my own version of intentional forgetfulness.   Occasionally, I may settle for a (meant to be amusing for me) dejected adolescent tantrum in a private moment where I may *fling* myself on my bed.   All in good fun, of course.

Speaking of new product launches, I read an article in the most recent issue of Beauty Inc. (WWD’s beauty industry specific mag) about how there has been a dearth of new color cosmetic brands launching.  You know what?  We need new color cosmetic brand  launches.  I knew there was a reason I have become restless when it comes to color cosmetics.  I go to Sephora and I meander around like a lost ship, cycling back to old counters (Dior, Hourglass, Edward Bess, Too Faced, ecetera…just looking for something new that interests me, but no, I can’t find anything.  Frankly, I have dabbled in almost every major cosmetic line there is.  I am sooooo BORED!  I thought by looking at asian cosmetic lines I could be entertained.  But truthfully, I can’t.  The whole lolita-esque, strawberry shortcake, dolly look that is sooooo popular in asian countries is not an attractive fit for me, or personally interesting (or  uhm even appropriate). 

So here is to successful new color cosmetic line launches in the future.  There are so many markets within beauty that are sooooo unbelieveably underdeserved.  So many new, unique shades not yet produced!  Textures!  I welcome it all and look forward to it!  I can’t wait!


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