Momentary Irritations: Flashing Duck Lips

I don’t get it. 

Please don’t purse your lips to show your lips and then freeze it in time.  It looks strange.  As part of a sequence of movements, it’s fine. Drinking, going to say something, drinking from a fountain, taking a nip from the top of a sundae, beginning a smooch.  Normal.

Pursing lips to be photographed and frozen in time.  It creeps me out.  It’s what Jessica Simpson used to do to make her look “sexy,” I think, or maybe to make her lips look bigger? 

When I first started noticing it, it seemed kind of off, but now I see it more often.  I guess it’s more of a lipstick post thing to show more color on the lip? That actuall doesn’t make sense.  I can see the lipgloss, lipstain, lipstick just fine.  It looks nice.  Normal every day poses are great.  A big smile, a small small, a straight face…it all works.  Pursing doesn’t.

It has become the visual version of nails on chalkboard for me now.  My inner cringe is getting overworked.

Your lips look fine.  Please don’t push them out.  Small or full, they are great the way they were made.

*This is different from permanent duck lips, or people who over inject small lips not meant to be fuller.  Don’t do this either.  I assure you, you were much cuter before the injections. 

Sidestory: I once worked with someone originally from Orange County and I always thought there was something disconcerting about her face, but I didn’t know what it was.  All I knew was that it weirded me out whenever she looked at me.  She was in her “late twenties”, but I think she lied about her age.  (I noticed she got a little arch and paused when she lies about something.)

Anyways, her lips were massively inflated and she would give me an expressionless dead stare.  I never stared, or questioned, I thought it would be rude.  Plus, if she were born this way, why am I going to be an asshole and point it out.  Not everyone walks in perfection.  I don’t.

It was over a year later when another co-worker mentioned how her face weirded him out that I realized that everyone else saw the same thing, and it wasn’t just me.  Basically, she had completely botoxed the expression out of her face.  Her eyebrows were fixed too high and her eyes way too open.  The rest of her face was taut and didn’t show facial movements.  Her lips were another story all together.  There were massive.  She even had a puncture wound, but I thought it was something else.  Then I saw her lips deflating over time.  She admitted that she gets lip injections, botox, and filler. 

Personally, I don’t think there was ever any need for these “enhancements,” and some other “prominent” ones, as well.   But maybe it’s the culture from where she grew up where this is the expectation and the beauty standard. 

Sometimes, getting “work” done can actually make you look worse. 

But if this is your preferred look than why should you care what other people think, right?  It’s your perogative.  I like feral eyebrows.  Some may say I look “unkempt,” I don’t care – I like fuller eyebrows.  So they stay (10 months out of the year before a brow tech strips ’em).

You know what, nevermind, if you wanna flash duck lips, be my guest. 

On the otherhand, if you were not aware you were doing this, and would like to stop, please google duckface.


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