The Purge

I am going through a purging.  This is the second round of what I started last winter.   I have tons of clothes and shoes I don’t wear and haven’t worn in over a year, or two, or three…you get the point.  Some still have price tags on it.  All it is doing is taking up space.  I always end up wearing only like 10% of my clothing, no matter what, and usually the same pieces.  This is dumb.  Why keep buying so much stuff knowing that I will really only gravitate to things I love. Buying something because it is “different” is not smart if you are not going to wear it and I have a ton of that.  Also, when I think of the “higher end stuff” I could have bought had I just shown some restraint…well, I am annoyed.

I, also, have stacks of old Self, Shape, Fitness, Inc., and Psychology Today magazines that need to be thrown out.  I am actually very good about chucking fashion magazines, once I have taken tear sheets.  But I still need to purge summer and september issues that are just taking up space.  So annoying to have to tear my name from the mailing labels.

I am not even half way done.  The easy part is chucking.  The hard part is getting stuff to the non-profit thrift stores.  I am hoping to pass some stuff on to the sisters.  But some of the stuff is too worn, and really needs to be turned into rags.  My fall pledge is to not buy as much crap.  Only buy what I love and what I really “need.”  I do not need four pairs of athletic sneakers, I need ONE! Too many jeans not cool.  I honestly rotate a few pairs ad nauseum until they have holes.  Also, buying jeans that “almost fit” DUMB!  Buy the crap you can wear now.  Ditto for dresses I bought a size too small as an incentive.  DUMB!  Shoes that I knew I could barely walk in?  Yerouttahere!

My new goal will be clothing that fits in one closet and two dressers.  Screw that-I want to chuck dressers.  Not two closets, 3 dressers and busting out of ad hoc wicker baskets, and random piles of clothes on chairs and tables.

I HATE messes, even though I am good at creating them!

And for the record – if I could get my skin to calm the F down, I would have tightly edited skincare regimen, as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I would probably still have like 5x more product than the average person, as I believe in the right product for the right skin condition, season, and age, but I still have ridiculous amounts of skincare product.  Some of which expire before I even get to it, or are about to – UGH!

Anyways – after two sisters pillaged what they could fit in (cuz I no longer do – or never did!  :/ ), I gave a few items to a neighbor. I donated the rest of the stuff to HousingWorks.

The image above was taken from Apartment Therapy’s post on neat closets (I love this website!).  The link is here.


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