Not the Woman Who Lived in the Shoe

I hate shoe shopping.  I know.  I am giving up my card as a woman.  But I really don’t like shopping for shoes.  I am not a shoe person.  I can appreciate an attractive shoe.  But I will not kill myself for that shoe, or suffer for it.  My feet were not made for heels.   I have tried.  No matter what my feet get cut up.  The highest heel I have ever walked in were 3.5 inches and it was torture.  I am a stomper.  I am also not a reed.  The combination of stomping – I land on my heel first, probably because I want to make sure I’ve got the ground, not being a reed, and wanting the assurance to briskly plow my way through the mean streets with focus and relentlessness…well, a high, thin or stacked, heel can’t do that.   And this pains me because I really do like being taller.  I am 5’4″ inches after all (5’3.5″ really, but whose checking?). 

Unlike cosmetics, or skincare, where I can spend HOURS and HOURS searching for new products, I just get super tired and overwhelmed when looking for shoes, or actually any article of clothing to be frank.  I think its because I don’t have to research an item, I just need to see it, to know whether I like it.  But because I am particular, I can go through hundreds of items and not find something I like.  That is exhaustive!  My eyes bleed!  I wish online shoe stores did better editing, or at least used a stylist to sort styles into themes. 

What about department store shoe floors you ask?  I have never been to a shoe department where sales associates were not being hounded by customers and were super busy going back and forth.  I always end up wasting time looking for a shoe associate who can help me, and then the wait for the shoes, and the wait for the right size, and then start all over again with a new shoe request.  It irritates me waiting that long.  This is not fun, or relaxing.  It is irritating and stressful.  Forget about it when there is a shoe sale.  I run.  You will never catch me at a shoe sale.  That is mayhem.  I gave up department store shoe shopping years ago.  I prefer Zappos and Endless with their lightening fast shipping.  But like I said before, it strains my eyes looking through so much. 

I still love cool shoes.  I just have a different criteria for them, which I find harder to match because of the lower heel.  Cut, fabric, color and pattern choice all matter so much more when the heel is lower.  The lower heel shoe has to fight against the dowdy, orthopedic look.  Some low heeled shoes are perenially flattering like ballet flats.  But I can’t live in ballet flats.  They don’t work with all outfits and, definitely, not with suits.  If anyone knows of brands that do a great job making lower heeled shoes that are still fashionable and comfortable(!), please let me know.  I can’t click through every single brand out there my eyes will bleed.  I like sporty, modern shoes with feminine accents, although all types of styles will be needed to cover a full wardrobe.

*The gorgeous pink-beige laser cut shoe above is from Sergio Rossi and can be found at Barneys for $870 (!).


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