Alice in Wonderland + Revlon Gray Suede

Revlon’s Gray Suede nail polish is a beautiful pale nude-pink with a hint of grey in it.  It is a beautiful shade and I am not surprised they named it Gray Suede.  This is a very luxurious and bare shade that would look good on almost EVERY skintone out there, whether exceptionally fair or ebony.  This is what I call a “lingerie” shade and I absolutely love it.   Revlon makes a ton of great fashion colors whether it’s for their nail polish or lipsticks.  My only qualm is that you just don’t know how long these bottles are sitting in the drugstore stores, so you could buy one that looks great and then a few weeks later it is separating.  Personally, I feel beauty companies should start selling smaller bottles of nail polish with expiration dates.  I never end up finishing a bottle before it separates.

When I saw Gray Suede, I immediately thought of the beige and charcoal scarf I got from Jcrew with the snail shell-like patterns of the tree limbs all over it and bunny rabbits.  The scarf was another winner I knew I had to have when I saw the pattern.  The faded parchment-like shade of the beige and the charcoal pattern remind me of a 19th century english children’s book  illustration.  There was really only one thing I thought when I saw this scarf: Alice in Wonderland.

Paired together, it distinctly reminds me of winter.  Winter isn’t here yet, but Fall is around the corner and I cannot wait to wear my Alice in Wonderland scarf with Revlon Gray Suede with a oversized green cargo jacket and denim (or black leggings) for a casual weekend look as it gets much, much colder.

But Revlon Gray Suede can pinch hit with a navy tonal micro checked suit, too…scarf optional.



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