Discontinued Beauty Bins: Smashbox Highlighter Duo in Smashing Femme Fatale

1. Smashbox Highlighter Duo in Smashing Femme Fatale, 0.07 oz

There are always a few products that I completely forget about until I see it again and then it’s like I found $20.00 in a bag I haven’t used in months.  Smashbox Highlighter Duo in Smashing Femme Fatale is like that.  It is a small cream highlighter housed in a twist-off cover pot with two complementary shimmery colors: one gold-burgandy mix and the other a burgandy-gold mix.  What does that mean?  The gold is primarily gold with a bit of burgandy shimmer.  The burgandy is mostly burgandy with a bit of gold shimmer.  Part of the reason I keep forgetting I have this is because the pot is so small and resembles eyeshadow pots on the side or upside down.  Stacked like that and I always bypass it.  But when I find it again, I always feel compelled to use it.  It is a beautiful shimmery explosion of color.  Not winks of shimmer, but an explosion.  I don’t mind it because of how much color it deposits.  It is very opaque for a highlighter, so I use this as a blush on my cheeks.  Both shades have a ton of gold shimmer which makes it super flattering on those with warm skintones, no matter what the shade.  It is long lasting and it stays in place.  It is a great shade in the summer, and because burgandy and gold are still hot shades in the fall season, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

I wondered if I should even feature this product because it is discontinued.  But a quick search of the internets show that even though Smashbox no longer sells or produces it, it still has a second life in discontinued beauty bins all over the nets, which led me to discover there are tons of online retailers that sell discontinued beauty products that they purchased in bulk.  You can find this at varying price points all over the web.  You could even use this as an excuse to find out what other discontinued gems are out there.  I checked Buy.com and found quite a few Chanel, Guerlain, and MAC blushes.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that they can be found at a huge discount, but if you are in treasure hunting mode, it is worth a look.  Only warning is that I would avoid liquid anything, as that stuff over time separates.  Cream formulations take longer to separate, and powders are the best for being able to withstand breaking down.  I have had the Smashbox Highlighter Duo in Smashing Femme Fatale for several years now and it is still fine. 


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