Liebster Blog Award!!!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Claire!  Woot! Woot! This is an honor as I only started my blog a little over two months ago.  I have seen these awards given to other bloggers but I didn’t really know what it meant other than that it was a good thing! Now with much power, comes much responsibility…or something like that!

Now to the rules:

1) Post 11 facts about yourself

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for people you’ve nominated

3) Choose 11  9 people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post

4) Go to their page and tell them

5) Remember, no tag backs

11 Facts about myself:

1. I became obsessed with the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott after I read it in the second grade.  I reread the book easily over a dozen times using the same book I purchased in the second grade at a book fair and I cried when it was accidently thrown out by my mother when I was in junior high.  I spent several years looking for the exact same book, but never found it.

2. I have three sisters.

3. Four is my lucky number.

4. Yeow! I am a scorpio baby!…but I don’t trust other scorpios because I choose to live in the light…(How do I know if they do?) 🙂

5. I cried during an episode of Futurama where Fry learns by reading his brother Yancy’s epitaph that his brother loved and looked up to him.

6. I used to shake my left leg to help me fall asleep when I was a kid.

7. I fantasize about owning my own boutique version of Sephora.

8. My cryptonite used to be powdery donuts……(Homer slobber)

9. I can suck down an entire gallon of milk and box of powdered sugar donuts in one sitting. I  no longer do this thank goodness.

10. Vibrant colors inspire me and make me happy.

11.  I am only 5’3.5″ but I tell people I am 5’4″.

Claire from Aucuparia Brumalis Questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?

I had wanted to blog for several years but found the internet kind of scary.  I finally decided to do it because I thought there weren’t enough nerdy, sci-fi loving, “naive”, skin challenged, still trying to find their way carribean adult latinas in the beauty blogging world .  🙂

2) What is your favourite lipstick colour?

My favorite lipstick colors are Nars Heatwave (bright orange) and Gabriel Cosmetics Matte Rose (bright rosy pink).  (Ok, I gave two but I love both equally).

3) Do you follow trends? Why, why not?

I do not follow trends.  I do follow what I see and like.  So, I may like something that is currently trendy.  But I prefer to wait when the trend is several seasons past because I hate the idea of following trends.  🙂

4) When did you start wearing makeup?

I started wearing blush, my first makeup, late in high school.  I was too intimidated to wear anything else for many, many years.

5) What does makeup/fashion mean to you?

I love makeup and fashion because of all the colors you get to use to express yourself.  Colors make me happy, simple as that.

6) Who/what is inspiring you (makeup, fashion, life)? Why?

Anyone who is fighting to do what they want in whatever capacity when it is not convenient, or easily given, but earned.

7) Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

I have several favorite fashion designers…but Suno and Erdem make absolutely gorgeous unique, colorful and vibrant print dresses.

8) What is your passion (writing, singing, painting, etc.)?

I have an incredible fixation with incorporating as much vibrant colors in my life as possible, whether in bags, belts, notebooks, scarves, shoes, hair elastics,phone covers, wallets,…you name it – I need it in a distinct non-repeating color. 

9) Is there a beauty product everyone seems to dislike but you love it?

Hmmm, this is hard.  Within my own circle of friends, family and peers, I seem to be the only one who loves blush…I think it’s weird they don’t use it.

10) What is your go to hair product? Why?

Going very basic here-conditioner.  Without it, I am screwed with a tangled dry mess.

11) What is your favourite place to shop and why?

I love, love, love, love, love, love Sephora…followed by J.Crew.  One incorporates my love of skincare and beauty and the other has figured out that retail stores should be a vibrant collection of colors.  It is a feast for the eyes to walk into those stores.

My 11 Questions:

1. What is your favorite book?

2. Do you still read fashion magazines, and if you do which is your favorite one? If you don’t, why did you stop reading them?

3. What is your biggest skincare concern?

4. If you had to choose: Britney or Christina, and why? 🙂

5. If you have to choose: Shakira or JLo, and why? 🙂

6. Favorite female or male model?

7. Cosmetic brand you would take to a deserted island, and why?

8. Cosmetic brand you would pull the plug on? (Bury never to be seen or heard from again).

9. If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

10.  Last movie you saw.

11.  Iphone, Android, or Blackberry?  🙂

Who I have nominated (9)

I am a baddie I know, but it didn’t seem fair to hit someone with a Liebster when they were recently awarded, or when their blogs appeared to have over 200 followers.



  1. It was so nice to read something about you and your likes or dislikes. I am very glad that someone is into brights, as much as I love red lipsticks (bright, vampy, neutral, etc), I am still trying to wear other vibrant colours (like a bright pink, etc) and feel comfortable with. I have a YSL RPC #7 for such a long time but have worn it maybe like five times? haha, but I love this colour. I like Sephora as well, so we will see a ‘sephora like’ store in future from you 😉 good luck on this one!

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