Wild Horses (Couldn’t Drag Me Away) + Essie Carry On

I got into nail polishes about two years ago (and apparently so did the rest of the world! :)).  I am still a bit of a nailbiter, and nail polish helps me to stop chewing on my nails.  Sadly, I am not very skilled at applying my own nail polish. So, if my nails are done, it was because I got a manicure.  I like to extend visits between manicures now because the visits were getting very expensive because I would add a pedicure and then, while they were in the middle of scrubbing my feet, they would ask if I want to get the “Spa” pedicures…and I am putty, then I say yes…and then I walk out much, much poorer.  Plus, I noticed the regular, no frills pedicures were getting really expensive and less time…so, now I extend visits to when I NEED a pedicure and get my manicure done too.  I extend the manicures by applying a different polish on top of the old as it peels.  The place I go is actually very good at applying regular nail polish that lasts about two weeks.  Around the third, it is starting to peel slightly.  But then I slap on my own polish, kind of poorly, but thank goodness for showers that peel the excess from the skin.  Then when that is a hot mess, I just remove all and go bare for a while.

I saw this Essie polish in Carry On, and knew I had to get it.  I am not a fan of dull dark, or very light, polishes on my hand.  I prefer super brights.  But this is a great “goes with everything” shade that has a bit of brightness to it despite the depth and darkness of the color.  It is a great fall shade that will go really well with fall seasonal colors and the occasional super bright pop of color thrown in.

I immediately thought of how well this shade would look against the new scarf I got at the Gap. Can’t wait to wear this polish with my Gap scarf and a oversized faded green cargo jacket, for the fall, as it gets colder.

On the side, whenever I see the word, or hear the word “wildhorses” I can’t help but think of the The Sunday’s song “Wild Horses” and the chorus: “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllld Hoooorssssssses….Couldn’t drag me aaaaaaa—-wayyyyyyyyyyy…” and the reverberating guitar strings…



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