Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eye Studio 24 Hour Eyeshadow

I was in the drugstore picking up some basics when I saw some cool fall makeup displays for Maybelline.  Here is the thing about Maybelline, their advertisements are awesome, and even their color displays make me want to buy something, but whenever I do, I am disappointed.  Their blushes are not pigmented at all and seem more filler than color.  Their lipstick shades are current and beautiful – in the graphic color displays…but when you try them on, the texture is thin and plasticky and the color intensity is more a semi sheer wash with a TON of shimmer.  They even put out a limited edition fall face gold highlighter and even that just seemed like clear silicone with a super sheer wash of gold color with a TON of micro-glitter…So even though I look, I almost never buy, but after reading a few reviews for Maybelline’s Eye Tattoo’s I figured what could it hurt…

Well, I am glad I gave Maybelline a try again.  I am very pleased with their Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eye Shadows.  I must preface this by saying that I am not a eyeshadow person.   I have small brow bone space and my eyes are the LEAST impressive feature on my face, next to my snub nose.  My eyes are rather small and unimpressively shaped with sparse eyelashes.  It’s why I like to have heavier eyebrows because it actually accentuates my orbital area.  But I do like to wear a bit of color in the area, either a neutral or a soft wash of bright color.  Nothing fancy or extreme, I just don’t have the real estate.

Anyways, I chose neutral shades: Rich Mahogany and Barely Beige.  The shades set quickly so you have to work fast.  I just use as a wash of color, or as an accent.  This stuff literally stays on like a tattoo and I have oily skin.  I didn’t use primer or anything and this was not going anywhere. 

Here are the swatches:

I have to say that the Barely Beige swatches do show up as a pale beigey-peachy-taupe, but my camera is not catching it, showing more white-silver, probably because of the reflection and because of my skintone.

Now, on to the real reason why I wanted to post about Color Tattoos.  I am sorry but I LOVE the fact I can reuse the jars!!!  I realized that the branding were essentially stickers on the top and bottom, which were easily removed.  I love that I can reuse these pretty, but basic, teeny jars for anything!!!  Ok, maybe not anything but you get the idea.  Perhaps, as mini mixing bowls for lipcolor or highlighters.  I love pretty, reuseable packaging, especially when its glass!

I don’t think I would have posted about this product had it not been for sharing my excitement about being able to reuse the glass jars.  I know it can’t hold much product but still. they are sooooo cool!



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