Cream Blushes: Bobbi Brown Lips and Cheek Rouges

I like blushes.  There isn’t much to say.  I have tried Bobbi Brown foundations , concealers and lipsticks and they are not a good color match.  Bobbi Brown likes subdued and toned down neutral pinks, mauves and dusty roses.   These are the types of colors I avoid because they enhance my sallowness.  However, Bobbi Brown does have a few shades that I like. 

1. Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks in Honeyed Tea and Pink Truffle, 0.24 oz for $20.00

Pink Truffle is a classic Bobbi Brown color she likes to reiterate to death – neutral pink rose – in eyeshadows, lips and cheeks.  Frankly, this was an accident and it is going back.  I don’t know why I picked this up.  Blah.

Honeyed Tea, on the otherhand, is a great muted sienna color that Sephora describes as a honeyed beige.  I like this color alot and it actually works well with my tan and I think it will work well when I lose my color in the winter. 

Overall, the formulation is easily sheered and you only need a tiny amount for color impact.  I like the little tubes and it makes it gym bag or cosmetic bag ready.

2. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Chocolate Cherry, 0.13 oz for $25.00

This color is a deep, reddish-brown plum shade.  It is a dark, super saturated color that needs to be sheered out.  I can see this easily applied as a heavy lip because of it’s saturated color.  You only need a tiny amount to blend across cheeks for a windburned look in the dead of winter.  I like it very sheered, otherwise it is too heavy.  This color has enough pigment in it to be used on darker skintones, like ebony shades.  I purchased this AGES AGO, which is why it is in the old packaging and not the new pot with fliptop mirror, which would have been nice.  I don’t think I will ever finish this sucker.  It’s a lot of product. 

I have not used either of these products on my lips so I can’t comment on how it feels. 

Here are some swatches.

Pink Truffle is a muted rose color compared to Chocolate Cherry, even though they look a little similar.  I had to REALLY sheer out the Chocolate Cherry to bring down the strong color, otherwise it would look like a lipstick.  There is a strong purple base to this shade that Pink Truffle does not have.

I compared Bobbi Brown’s Chocolate Cherry shade to Edward Bess’ Lip and Cheek Rouge in After SunsetChocolate Cherry has a distinct purpley-red base, compared to Edward Bess’ After Sunset.

I haven’t seen Chocolate Cherry in a while, since it’s been stashed in a clear acrylic box with most of my other blushes in a drawer.  But I think I will have to bring it out for the fall.  Especially since this fall is all about the dark plummy (reddish-purple) lip.  I may even try it out as a lip stain.



  1. Great review! I kept going back and forth over these for a while but ultimately decided that the colors just weren’t exciting enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dusty-rose shades but neutral pinks, but for some reason these just weren’t popping enough for me. If I’m going to go that route, I’d rather go with a Becca Beach Tint. They have similar neutral pink shades but they’re so much livelier in my opinion. Still, Bobbi Brown is definitely one of my all-time favorite brands–so I’m sure the formula is nice…

    • Thanks! I like her stuff in theory, but in actuality my undertones don’t work with most of her shades. Her shade preferences are more lfattering on me when I have no discoloraton or tan. But the Honeyed Tea and Chocolate Cherry are quite nice.

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