Fall Gym Class Days: Backpacks!

I like getting new gym bags quite frequently.  Mostly because they don’t last very long as they are not that expensive.  I usually end up ripping seams, zippers, lining…you name it, every six months or so, which is ok with me because I treat it like a fashion accessory.  I like mixing it up.  Lately, I have become very fixated with getting a slim, fashiony, non-sporty looking backpack for the gym, and casual weekends in the fall when I want to look a little “rough.”  Ok…rougher than I normally look on the weekends…   🙂

I am favoring prints and bright, or feminine, colors for the fall, without falling into the outdoors “backpacking-in-the-fall” cliche of a bright red or orange backpack.  BLAHHHHHHH……….

These are some of the backpacks I am looking at.  The Herschel Supply Company Settlement Striped Backpack from Madewell is my favorite so far.  I am hoping the taupe shade mentioned is more a pink-toned taupe…If it is a gray-taupe with black stripe, it may not be as interesting.  I can’t tell.  But it is also $90 bucks and I may feel a little required to use this bag a couple of extra seasons for the gym.  Then again, this is a cool stripe backpack.  This would definitely be recycled a couple of seasons, and maybe passed down to  the nieces when they are old enough to appreciate “vintage”…  🙂

The Duluth Scoutmaster Pack in Pink and Burgandy also look really nice, but I think these are wishful thinking because it’s $150.00.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Knapsack for $198.00 is also iced out for that reason…I have seen these bags in this material up close – no way am I paying that much for cheap nylon that will rip.

I like the J.Crew Fjällräven® classic Kanken backpack in Violet  which is really pretty and quaint, but the color is more spring, easter egg  redux and I want to enjoy the fall.  The price is ok at $65.00. 

This leaves me with my preferred price point for a backback I am only planning on using on going to the gym, or casual errand runs.  JanSport’s SuperBreak and Black Label Superbreak backpacks, which can be found for under $40.00 on sale.  No guilt whatsoever…and um…I kind of want two.  Probably a Aztec Print pattern and a superbright, like Electric Purple, to contrast against my oversized faded green cargo style jacket and loud bright print scarves….

Listen, I may be past my collegiate days, and I may have graduated from graduate school a few years ago, but whose to stop me from looking a little casual collegiate in the fall.  Nobody that’s who!  Thpppfffftttttttttt.  

As you get older, you start to care just a little bit less each day about staying within the lines…on whatever it is….Do what you want.  🙂

And hey, if Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can sell a $34,000 alligator leather backpack, and make it trendy, I can rock my little JanSport SuperBreak or Herschell Supply Company backpack for under a $100 bucks….



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