The Best Part of Vogue’s September 2012 Issue…was a Neiman Marcus Ad

Do you know what the best part of Vogue’s September 2012 issue? 

There were an outstanding “916 pages of fall fashion for all” in the issue. 

916 pages…and the best part of the issue was the Neiman Marcus ad “The Art of Fashion” shot by Eric Madigan Heck…

By far the most creative and beautifully shot pictures in this magazine…of 916 pages….

(One of these pages has inspired me to paint my small bedroom’s walls the bold color I was too initimidated to use because of it’s intensity, to go with my self-painted high gloss teal vanity table (converted cheapo small writing desk) and the practically neon large chartruese flower print wallpaper I used on the accent wall behind my vanity table.  The shade? A deep jewel-tone foresty-emerald green.)


I think maybe it’s time to start culling my subscriptions….time to allow some subscriptions to lapse. 

Check out the Neiman Marcus Blog here for the pics:

Here are my (not so great) shots of the images I liked.


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