Revisited: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation

Well, I have full face tested each of the shades and walked outside with it, as well as mixed shades, used over mineral and chemical sunscreens, and mixed with my Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers

This foundation is a mixed bag. 

First, the positives:

1. Beautiful, beautiful formulation.  It feels like nothing at all.

2. It sets quickly and melds to the skin.

3. It gives naked skin a beautiful skin-sheen glow.

4. It lasts all day and does not disintergrate, or sweat off of oily skin.

5. It layers easily over serums and chemical sunscreens.  There are no texture or shade shift issues.

Now, the bad:

1. If you do not have a (mostly) even-toned complexion, this will enhance the discoloration. This makes sense.  It is a sheer-light coverage foundation  that can be layered to deepen the veil of color, and reduce the peek through of your own undertones, but it is still a veil allowing discoloration to peek through…

2. Because this foundation has a sheer to light coverage, mineral sunscreens that leave you with a white cast, will peek through and muddle the “glow” aspect of this foundation.  You will glow alright, but it will look a bit ashen because of the peek through.  You need to use chemical sunscreens or  truly transparent mineral sunscreens.

3. Despite allowing your own undertones to peek through, this foundation actually enhances the negatives of choosing a slightly off shade.  I have many “not quite” shades, but they are masked mostly because the skin where it is applied is covered and looks uniform.  When you use a shade with an off undertone, or overtone, it is ‘quietly’ noticeable with this foundation.  What does that mean?  At first you will think, wow some of the shades are so adaptable…then as it sets on your face you start to realize there is something kind of off with your skintone.

4. Using concealers with a different shade or texture will be obvious and not camouflaged.  You may need to experiment with finding the right concealer to use with this product…or better yet, use no concealer at all, save for highlighter/concealer creamy pens.

5. Mixing two or more shades creates a muddled shade, not a super power shade. 

6.  Use a strong oil cleanser or makeup remover.  This does not wash off easily.  Preferable to double cleanse.

Overall, I still love the foundation, but I will not get a shade right now.  I am between a BD40 and BD50.  This is a great foundation for those who have relatively even-toned skin, or insignificant skin discoloration, but dull skin.    It will be ideal to use a chemical sunscreen with this foundation.  Make sure that the shade match you get is very good and works with your undertones.  Since neither BD40 or BD50 match my undertone, there is a mild clash in the peek through that actually makes me look MORE uneven. 

This foundation is great for those with a relatively clear and even skintone.  But for those who need real coverage, this is not a good choice.

Hope this was helpful!



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  2. So what foundation do you use? I agree with so much of what you shared! I have two bottles of this stuff and I love its light feeling and semi luminosity but the two colors did not mix to make my amazing exact color lol lol. When I don’t have a tan I use the lighter shade just fine mixed together with keihls sunscreen but right now my sun damage shows right through and it’s disappointing…I’m thinking of switching to Laura merciers moisturizing sunscreen foundation…I like buying two bottles of products because my skin shade is always changing…hopefully the Laura mercier will blend together nicely…but I’ll keep my lighter shade of ysl because its PERFECT when my skin is that color. Thanks for sharing!

    • For YSL, I am thinking I am going to get the BD40, but only in the winter when my tan fades. I want to see if BD40 is still too light even without my tan. BD50 is too dark even with my tan so that is a definite out. I am hoping, though, that YSL decides to release BD30 in the states. I noticed that it is darker than BD40 on the color chart, but so far I only see it available in the UK, which makes no sense. Why are they keeping BD30 out of the US market? Currently, since my hormonal acne has mostly subsided I am rotating By Terry Sheer Expert Cover in Vanilla Beige (a little light now because of tan, but I slap on Armani Fluid Sheers to darken it); Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 4.0 which is a little darker than my tan but I like the color! ;); or justing using Lancome Maquicomplet Full Cover Concealer in Medium Bidque on my spots, or using YSL’s Teint Radiance in Pink Beige as concealer solely on my spots, or heavily layer Armani Fluid Sheer in Golden Beige on top…..I’ve had base ADD the last few weeks…:)

  3. There is a massive jump alright between BD40 and 50. I bought BD40 and I regret it now as I have to use lots of blusher and bronzer to avoid looking dead. It’s quite pink – for a supposedly golden-toned foundation.
    I have a sample bottle of BD50 but it’s way too dark. I thought about mixing them but it’s way too muddy alright.
    I have seen the BD30 in the shops here (Europe) but it looks very yellow.

    • BD30 is like high creamy yellow. I noticed that their newest foundation in the fancy elixir bottle, the BD50 might be a touch lighter…and their BD40 might be less pinky. But YSL color range is a little wonky.

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