A Trip To Sephora

I recently went to Sephora and saw the new displays for Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact.  Now, I have always liked the idea of Laura Mercier products and her general beauty aesthetic, but I found most of her products just didn’t enhance me the way I would have liked.  I found her tinted moisturizers and foundations too moisturizing and I never found a color match.  Many of the color shades she offers are selectively flattering on certain skintones, and muted in a way that enhances my sallowness.  Green is almost universally left out.   🙂   Well, I am so glad I wandered by the  display area in Sephora because I saw a gorgeous display banner with luscious shades and beautiful compacts. 

The Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact’s are lightweight veils of color.  The tones, textures, and display ad, as well as the swatch graphics, reminded me of the reason why I love Becca Cosmetics. with its focus on soft, luminous  fleshtones.  Laura Mercier, I think, offers a more refined, yet casual, take on it, as opposed to Becca’s disheveled exotic forest/beachy ethereal, but still kind of steamy take.   I could not resist swatching every single color on my wrist just because the shades were so nice.  Frankly, at that moment I wanted to be every shade in the line from Porcelain to Mocha so I could have the pleasure of matching every shade veil. 

I am not sure if this has come out in my other postings, but I have a huge attraction to “fleshtone” type shades.  A better way to describe it would be to think of the type of shades that are often used in lingerie to mimic “fleshtone.”  GORGEOUS!!!  Whether you are alabaster to ebony, there is nothing more attractive than clear, even-toned, luminous naked skin.  There is a big difference between the type of finish that still allows people to see your skin versus a true “foundation” that masks it, and makes you look “perfect” and a little mannequin-like.  I have a preference, clearly. 

I am somewhere between a Bisque and a Sand in this line.  I currently have the Bisque, but it is a little light.  On the otherhand, my experience with the Sand shade is that it comes off too dark.  Sigh…Bisque would be an ok color in the winter as I lose my tan, but dreadful in the summer.  Incidental tanning enhances the distinct color contrast in my skintone and makes most foundation shades unusable on me, either too light or orange.

One more thing, Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact reminded me of L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation, which is far more moisturizing and has more color depth to it than this product.  I really like this compact because it is NOT moisturizing.  I may just have to decide if I should exchange for darker, or stay lighter and just use it in the late fall/winter.  Once I make my decision, I will swatch this sucker for you. 

On a Sephora general note – I am so happy how blogs have changed how beauty companies and beauty retailers are selling to consumers.  Sephora now displays items in a theme from various brands.  So you can see plums from multiple brands, or dark inky mascara’s from various brands.  Now, I do not know if they are actually testing these, swatching, or just going off of brand literature, but I like how they are enhancing the shopping experience by making it more USEFUL.  When I went, they were having a free makeup class tutorial for a small group of people.  They now have a Sephora + Pantone Color IQ (only available in San Francisco and NYC) to match your skintone to a unique Pantone shade, which they cross reference against the brands they carry.  Again, I don’t know how this informaiton is aggregated.  But, again they are enhancing the shopping experience.  It is not coincidental how many of these beauty retailers have redesigned their e-commerce sites to resemble some of the best prosumer blogs out there.  I welcome all of this.  I love skincare and cosmetics, and anything that enhances my ability to sift through all the various products out there is welcome, whether from an e-tailer, a chain retailer, or a department store beauty gallery.

It is a good time to be a beauty addict! 

On another note, f you have been thinking of picking something up at Sephora, why not do so soon.  They have a VIB bonus. 

This is what I got:

Last, last thing  🙂

Have you noticed how Sephora sales consultants seem to be recommending Algenist products like crazy?  Yeah, I got curious…amd yup, Sephora (and QVC) signed an agreement to launch Solazyme’s Algenist product line in the U.S..  Those recommendation must be tied to some serious profit or revenue sharing with the companies….


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