Orangey-Red Lips Collection: The Swatches

I like orangey-red lips because they are super, super flattering with my skintone.  Muted colors make me look dingy, so when it comes to lips, bright is always better.  Since I do not wear lipstick as often as I wear other cosmetics, my stash is not that big.  I may lust after a Guerlain lipstick, or two, or three, but I can’t justify considering how little I wear them.

1. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral, SRP

Like all Colorburst lipsticks the texture is thin and it is super shiny.  You have layer heavily to ge the strong pop of color, which has a hint of pinky orange in it, hence Coral.  You will also have to reapply frequently.

2. Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick Creme in Orange Flip, SRP

This is a sheerish orange lipstick, so even though it is very bright, the sheerness tones it down.  You have to layer tons to get the strong deep orange I got with th swatch.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Ravish Me Red, SRP

This is a really nice orangey-red from Revlon, but it is interesting in that it changes tones depending on what it is near.  I believe their is still a bit of a blue undertone to this as well.  This is not a Jungle Red from Nars, which is too blue toned for me to wear.  This definitely warms up to warmer skintones, but cooler undertones could wear it and amp up the blue undertone.

4. MAC Matte Lipstick in So Chaud, $15.00

This is a very matte MAC lipstick and it is kind of chalky after a while on the lips, but it is a nice toned down, but bright orangey-red.  Only second to a certain NARS orange-toned lipstick in popularity.  Other popular MAC orange lipsticks are Lady Danger, which works well on pale skintones and Morange, which works well on darker skintones.  So Chaud is middle of the road lipstick that can be worn by both fair and darker-toned women.

5. NARS  Semi Matte Lipstick in Heatwave, $24.00

This is the infamous NARS Heatwave.  Honestly, this sucker is reviewed everywhere.  Nothing to say.  Enjoy the picture.

 I definitely prefer to experiment with drugstore lipsticks because if the color is not good, I didn’t outlay a large amount for it.   Of all the drugstore lipsticks I have tried, I am most impressed with Revlon’s incredible color selection, color payoff and wearability.  Cover Girls Lip Perfection line is second, except their color selection is not that great and does not flatter as many skintones the way Revlon really is for all skintones.  What I have not enjoyed are Maybelline and Loreal lipsticks.  Maybelline lipsticks are…who buys them?  L’Oreal is a mixed bag.  But if you want to experiment with lipstick colors, Revlon ALL THE WAY.  However, there is definitely a difference between Revlon and most department store brands.  You do sacrifice for a lower price point the question is how much. 

As far as more expensive lipsticks, MAC’s offer a great selection at value price points, Shiseido’s are ridiculously creamy and pigmented, Guerlain’s are WHOAH, gorgeous color payoff, thick, creamy, shiny, rich…and RICH.  NARS are good too, but definitely OVERHYPED.   They run kind of dry but it also means they stay on your lips…..But like I said before, I don’t like paying alot for my lipsticks unless it’s a go to color that I know I will wear often.  I am also not a huge lipstick person, so my experience with other brands is REALLY limited.



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