Fall Season Line Up: Season 2 Grimm

What the FUDGE! No, I actually don’t say that in real life.  I prefer the other “F” word, but WTH!?  When advertisements for the Season 1 premiere of Grimm played, I was ecstatic!  A ” CSI” type show based on Grimm’s fairytales?  Awesome!!! I watched Season 1 in it’s entirety.  Now, I have to say that this show definitely could use some improvement.  There were a few weak epsiodes, but, overall, I liked the concept and I hoped they would get better.  So when Season 1 finished, I was anxiously awaiting Season 2.  I haven’t watched network television since new epsiodes of Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, GCB and Grimm stopped because their respective season’s were completed, except for GCB, which was cancelled 😦 .  So, maybe, I missed the commercials.

Well, channel surfing (because there is NOTHING to watch on tv) got me to accidently stumble on the repeat airing of the premiere episode of Season 2 of Grimm, which originally aired on 8/13/2012.

Man, I can’t believe this wasn’t hyped up more.  I hope they get a stronger storyline and that they don’t give up on this show.  I truly enjoy it and hope to watch Season 2 in its entirety.  NBC changed the schedule, so now it airs on Monday, with re-airs on Friday night.

I can’t believe I almost missed this.

You guys should check it out, if you are at all interested in Fairytales or CSI.


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