The Series, Books, and Movies: Star Trek

I am a nerdy girl.  I have always been a nerdy girl.  You can’t check out over a dozen books at a time-and read them-from the library, as a kid,  without being a nerdy girl.  Can it get any more nerdier than absolutely loving the imaginary world created by Gene R. Roddenberry, called Star Trek, the original and modern permutations? (This love is Enterprise specific, ok?)

I caught my first Star Trek episode in syndication on Saturday late afternoons on the WPIX.  🙂  I got the lovely bonus of seeing the original Star Trek episodes with Captain James T. Kirk, Bones, and Mr. Spock sandwiched between newer episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, with Captain Jean Luc Picard, Counselor Troy, Lieutenant LaForge, and Commander Riker, to name a few.  Going back and forth between the original and the modern version of Star Trek, allowed me to imagine a world that was bigger and more exciting than the one I saw everyday in real life.  I consider myself so lucky that I started watching these shows when I was still young enough to imagine greater possibilities. 

Now, when I see old episodes of the original Star Trek, or The Next Generation, I am hit with a wave of nostalgia for when I was a kid.  I cannot even begin to tell you the incredible joy I experienced when I sat waiting for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie to start in the theatre, and the first few notes of the familiar musical score echoed in the theatre.   The inner chuckle when I saw old characters reintroduced as new.  And of course, there is crewman #6…alternatively, known as the crewman in the red shirt.   🙂  

Watching the rebirth of Spock, Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, Scotty, and Lieutenant Uhura (oh, you so sassy Zoe Saldana) into new stories gets me excited all over again.  If you have kids, little brothers or sisters, nieces or nephews, who are still young enough to believe in a magical world, I suggest you introduce them to the sci-fi world of Star Trek.  Not just the new reimagined world, which is great, but the original shows, too.  If you really want them to enjoy it, watch with them.  Create your own inner world with the youngin and become initiated.  No, you don’t have to go to conventions, or collect figurines, or learn Klingon, I never did, but it was enough to be in the know, you know? 🙂

And, YES, if you must know…STAR WARS SUCKED.  

Of course, I’ve never been able to watch any one of the gazillion episodes in its entirety, original or prequals.  It puts me to sleep.



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