Rosy-Pink Lips: The Swatches

I truly love rosy-pink lips.  There is something so fresh, bright and happy about them.  It is an optimistic youthful look. 

If I find a particularly vibrant shade of vibrant rosy-pink, I usually have to get it unless I cannot justify the cost…I’m looking at you Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick Compact in Girly, $48.00!!!

But with that…

Enter the Rosy-Pink Brigade!

1. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fusion Pink (Amplified Finish), 0.1 oz for $15.00

2. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Impassioned (Amplified Finish), 0.1 oz for $15.00

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Love That Pink, 0.15 oz for SRP

4. Inglot Matte Lipstick in 421, 0.16 oz for $12.00

5. Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Matte Rose, 0.14 oz for $16.75

6. Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Flame, 0.12 oz for SRP

The swatches:

Now, of all the shades, the one that didn’t seem quite right was Inglot’s 421 which is more of a paler softer rose color, berry territory.  It definitely has a strong pink-purpley tone in it.  Of all of these shades, my favorite is Gabriel’s Matte Rose.  I saw this shade popping out in a Whole Foods Store, go figure.  I had never heard of Gabriel Cosmetics, but this color, even in lipstick tube form, was just too gorgeous to pass by.  I swatched that sucker on my arm and I was out with my gluten free and PABA free lipstick.   Do I care about gluten free and PABA free? Nope.  Should I?  Maybe.  My second favorite shade is Revlon’s Love That PinkMAC’s Fusion Pink I saw featured on the lead singer of Paramore, in a magazine and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her.  Spo bright and neon rosy pink.  MAC’s Impassioned I picked up at the MAC counter as I was madly swatching for bright rosey pinks.  Cover Girl’s Flame was courtesy of a Cover Girl ad featuring super makeup artist Pat McGrath and  model Jessica Stam.  If Pat McGrath uses it, then I am checking it out.  There should be an entire youtube channel dedicated to her doing models’ makeup and describing her inspiration and technique. 

A few takeaways: MAC’s lipsticks AND Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection did not come completely off with oil cleansing and a shower with a body pouf.  I kind of expected a faded second life on my arm for the day after, but it washed away completely by then.  Phew.  Cover Girl Lip Perfection was creamier and MAC‘s lipsticks were drier, but not necessarily matte.  The driest texture belonged to Gabriel’s Matte Rose.

I expect this collection to grow.  It is kind of like foundations.  How can you be sure that there isn’t another shade of rosy-pink out there waiting for you that is just a smidge more perfect?


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