Best Multi-Purpose Highlighter: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers

1. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in Shimmering Beige, Golden Beige, Golden Bronze, Peach (d) and Rose (d), 1.0 oz for $59.00

If there is one product that has saved many other products from being trashed, it is this: Fluid Sheers by Giorgio Armani.  I have used Fluid Sheers to darken up too light foundations, BB creams, concealers, and mineral sunscreens.  I have used Fluid Sheers to mimic natural fleshtones on my face.  I have used Fluid Sheers to lighten up too dark foundations.  To add luminescence to my skin whether on its own, mixed with moisturizer, or sunscreen.  If you can only buy one highlighter, this is the one you should buy.*  At $59.00, it is probably one of the more expensive highlighters out there but it also lasts a long time, and it is multi-purpose.  I stock up whenever Giorgio Armani’s online beauty store has sales.  I think, I must have purchased these highlighters around eight times. 

I own Fluid Sheer in currently available shades of Golden Bronze, Golden Beige, Shimmering Beige.  I also own two discontinued shades: Peach (14) and a Rose (4) blush shade.

My favorite shade is Golden Beige because it mimics my fleshtone very well with a slight tan, but Golden Bronze works, as well, for more of a deeper, bronzey tan to counter act super white sunscreens.

Here are the swatches.  The Golden Bronze swatch did not contain as much product, which is why it appears lighter than Golden Beige, but the color intensity is a reddish bronze, while Golden Beige is molten golden beige.  Also, I dumped some Peach into a smaller Golden Bronze container and I accidently swatched it. 

Here is another swatch of Golden Bronze and Golden Beige to compare:


*If the idea of spending that much on a highlighter makes your wallet clamp up and runaway from you, then there is another highlighter that I like, but not nearly as multi-purpose, called LORAC Oil Free Luminizer in Pearl 1, which I have purchased three times, and will continue to purchase.  It gives an incredibly lit from within glow to skin when mixed with moisturizer, foundation, or layered on top of sunscreen.  It sells for $28.00 for 0.9 oz, making it less than half the price of the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer.



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