One of Several Reasons Why I Go to the Gym

I go to the gym for many reasons. 

I feel great during and after the workout.

When I am angry, it is a great place to blow off steam.

When I am disturbed, it is a great place to restore equillibrium.

When I am frustrated and feel caged for any reason, well I am freeing myself at the gym.

It improves my focus.

I am competitive.  So, who better to compete against but yourself!  The only person you should ever compete against.

I like pushing my physical limits and improving my fitness level at the gym.  You know…marshmallow strong! 🙂

I like seeing smaller thighs…SMALLER THIGHS! YAY!!!

And, it allows me to eat more of that cupcake up above…actually, I am eating that cupcake regardless of whether or not I go to the gym.  Going to the gym just helps to reduce the affect of that cupcake.  That cupcake’s MINE.

If you are curious: Brownie and Squiggles.




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