Frustration with “Warm” Tones in Light-Medium Foundations

Why are light-medium range, “warm-toned” foundations falling, almost exclusively, on the side of peach or orange?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Ok.  I want to know.  I have thought about this extensively.  Who is actually orange?  No one is actually born with orange skin.  I really had to think about this.  Then it finally hit me.  Some caucasian women of certain ethnicities – not all – but some, when they tan, have a tendency to turn reddish orange.  Other ethnic groups bake orange, too, of course.  Google some of the ladies from “The Jersey Shore” (except for Snooki), or “Tan Mom”, or any of Hugh Heffner’s playboy girlfriends.   Mystery solved.   Except, haven’t these global beauty companies realized that there is a lot more undertone variety within light-medium warm toned women who are not of northern european ancestry?  Let’s see, there are South Asian, East Asian, Pacific Asian, Slavic, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, multi-racial Latinos of the Americas, and even some African-Americans, who can be light with warm undertones that are not ORANGE or PEACH.

Lately, I have seen more undertone variety in brands, such as Make Up Forever, who are recognizing all of these different undertones for the full shade spectrum, which is awesome.  Everyone deserves some love.  However, major American brands are still kind of lazy about recognizing that not all warm, light-medium toned women are of northern-european ancestry, who like to tan year round.   I say share the foundation love.  We, of the light tan-beiges, light olives, yellow-greens, golden-greens and many other nuanced under tones, would like coverage, too.

I have many, many, many foundations.  Not one has ever actually matched me.  i have a distinct light yellow-olive undertone that tans a yellowy-brown olive.  You can imagine how orange or peach foundations look on me.  Horrible.  I have to compromise with foundations.  Some days, I am more yellow, others are very beigey-yellow, while others distinctly light beige-tan.  On occasion, I am a tad warm beige.  Truth be told, I don’t even have to have an exact match.  I just want a close undertone match.

This rant was inspired by the many new foundation launches that occurred this spring/summer, where most of the warm-toned foundations were a distinct orange or peach tone.

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