Blogger Inspiration Motivation

I enjoy reading blogs from former “traditional” industry (accounting, legal, medicine, ecetera) professionals, who have made the jump – whatever that is – into something that they found more fulfilling.  I think there is too much emphasis on certain types of careers when you are a kid and not enough exploration of what is truly out there.  I know several people, offline, who have either made the jump to a calling, or are actively busting their asses to get there.  I am always excited to hear their stories.  I find it inspiring and it constantly energizes me when I feel not as upbeat about my own situation.   So, you can imagine that I, also, love to read blogs from individuals who have made the jump to something they found more fulfilling.  Now these bloggers may not necessarily discuss their backstory that much, but just seeing what they do on a regular basis is inspiration and motivation enough for me.

Here are a few blogs that I check out.  Perhaps, you can use it for inspiration and motivation, as well!


Jason Jean is a former acounting professional who decided to follow his creative side, and picked up a camera and started clicking away.  He now photographs people within the fashion industry during fashion events.  I like to check out his site to see style inspiration from people within the fashion industry.


Milly A. is a former reporter, who formerly worked in the finance industry (!), who found her true calling when she started beauty blogging and realized that it was more atturned to what she wanted to do with her professional life.  She is currently the Beauty Editor for Cosmo Latina and she is still pursuing her goal to be a lifestyle correspondent.


Preetma Singh is a former corporate lawyer who left the law to become an intern for a fashion website, which eventually led to her job as a fashion assistant for a major fashion magazine.  Currently, she has made the jump up to Market Editor at Marie Claire.  Her blog follows her own work-style.

Hope you find these as interesting as I do.  And, if you have been contemplating a change – any change – why not pick up Dr. Johnson’s book, “Who Moved My Cheese.” 


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