Work Bags: MZ Wallace and The Janes’

I need a new work bag.  Correction – I want a NEW work bag.  The last work bag I purchased was two years ago for the start of a new job.  It was a rather large plush leather dome satchel with a large front slide in pocket, which got a lot of nice complements.  The bag was from B. Makowsky.   My work bag before that was a medium brown satchel from Francesca Biaisa with tons of organizational pockets.  I had actively used that bag for over 5 years and it had become rather sad looking.   There is nothing wrong with the B. Makowsky satchel I have, but every other fall I get a little update crazy, as in I want to update, or “upgrade,” certain things.  Primarily, bags, coats, boots and sweaters.   I tend to hold out longer on work bags, but the desire is still the same.  I guess you never get over back to school shopping, even when you are no longer in school.

I have a few requirements for work bags.  1.  They must be a neutral color I can wear year round.  2. The material must be able to take a lot of banging around.  3.  It must have good organization – no bottomless pits. 4. It must be a shoulder bag, no totes or elbow bags. 5. Lastly, it must be big enough to fit everything I need, but not massive.

Enter MZ Wallace.

MZ Wallace has been on my radar for a few years now.  Their bags look ultra functional, with interesting shapes, a good selection of neutral colors they are always updating, and they are weather resistant.  My only issue with these bags is that I am anti-rolled leather handles.  I find that rolled leather handles are more difficult to keep on your shoulder without slipping.   But my resistance has been tempered and MZ Wallace’s functionality and neutral colors have been beckoning to me.

I am particularly focused on the Jane line.  The regular “Jane” looks massive to me coming in at 14″ x 7 ” x 12″ for $355.  On the otherhand, the “Baby Jane” seems  small coming in at 11″ x 5″ x 10″ for $325.    It doesn’t seem like that much of a difference but you never know when you are asking for that extra inch.  In all likelihood, between these two, I wiill likely go bigger, since it is a work bag.  But for now, I am obsessing over these inches.  Unless a third bag comes up in sight.  It is the Fall shopping season, and I like to hold out for any new arrivals, just in case.

Update: Um…I got the Baby Jane in Pebble, instead.  MZ Wallace had a post xmas sale and it was reduced to almost half.  For anyone deciding, the Baby Jane, really is a very small bag.  I was surprised by how small.  If you are petite and very slender, this would be a nice medium size.  For the taller and/or plumper…this looks like a toy bag.   Imagine a more functional and larger clutch with organizational pockets and just long enough handles to fit over your shoulder (barely).  I need to lose some weight!



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