Skincare vs Makeup

Adriana Lima with no makeup and with makeup

Despite my obsession for blushes, foundations, and highlighters, I am not as big a makeup addict as I am a skincare addict.  I have seen some amazing makeup jobs on women who looked flawless, but they also looked like mannequins.  It’s like, I can tell, no matter how flawless you look, that it is because you are wearing tons of makeup Kim Kardashian style.  I am actually very impressed with women who can wear that much and still make it look so good that it just naturally becomes a part of them.  However, that is not my thing.

My real obsession lies with flawless, lit from within skin, with light washes, or strong pops, of color.  My rationale was, and still is, what is the point of spending thousands of dollars a year on creating the illusion of flawless skin with makeup, when you can spend thousands of dollars actually getting flawless skin?  My fixation with flawless skin, of course, started because of my extreme discomfort with having teen acne, which is ironic because it was never as bad as the hormonal adult acne I sometimes get now. 

Even my key makeup fixations reflect the philosophy of transparency.  Despite my skins tendency to breakout, and because of how oily it naturally is, I always prefer sheer to medium opacity foundations, lightly applied, even when I have acne.  I am only interested in completely camouflaging the WORST acne outbreaks, but minor ones, or post inflammatory marks?  I just don’t care to layer on foundation like a mask.  Let the sucker heal!  It’s a small pimple/mark for crying out loud, not the end of the world. 

Blushes are a real obsession.  Having an oblong face with round cheeks,  I rely on blush to define my features.  Plus, because my natural coloring is a light-medium yellow-green sallowness, I need it to give me some flattering color.  I never understood those beauty polls where women ranked mascara as the number one product they would take with them on a deserted island.  Blush would be mine.  ALWAYS!

Highlighters, or illuminators, are another key staple.  On a clear skin day, this, and blush would be the only color products I would wear.  Of course, I would probably layer several types because,  why do with one when you can use two or three for a distinctive ethereal color?  This is when I become a little too inspired by impressionism…

But it always comes back to the base.  Skin.

Consequently, I am always looking for new skincare products, the way some women keep looking for new makeup shades.  Some women may go into a fit because a new lipstick, or eyeshadow palette, is released.  I go into a fit if a new skincare line, or product,  is released.  Fortunately, and, sadly, for my financial health, there are ALWAYS new skincare lines being produced. 

Here is a peek at the new (to me) products I have discovered and will be trying out:

1. Remede Skin Exacting Masque, 1.7 oz for $88.00

Remede Skin Exacting Masque


2. Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum, 1.0 oz for $51.00


Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum

3. Sothys Desquacrem, 1.69 oz for $33.00

Sothys Desquacrem


One comment

  1. I so totally agree. My passion for art and color totally switched from creating illusions to creating “reality” (really good skin). My blog posts blend the two loves together however, and my favorite products are “skincare makeup” products. Although sometimes you need skincare which is not also makeup. Check out to see a bit of my philosophy. I love this post by the way!

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