Movie: The Woman in Black

Woman in Black; released in 2012; starring Daniel Radcliffe

I started reading horror novels in the 4th grade.  The first book I read was Suffer the Children by John Saul.  It was creepy, scary, and kind of too grown up for me, but I kept reading anyways.  I spent an entire weekend reading until I finished the book.  Horror stories are a natural extension of fairy tales and myths, except you get scared.  Sometimes, the lesson part gets lost in the shuffle and sometimes the good story aspect, too….

Anyhow, good horror films, or books, are hard to find, especially now since they have become contests to simply gross you out with violence or just gross images.  So when I saw the previews for The Woman in Black, I was excited and could not wait to watch it.  It looked like an old school horror film.  I was not disappointed.

It follows a barrister (attorney) who gets a new assignment from his law firm to go to an old estate and go through the paperwork.  He has a son who he leaves with the nanny and he travels to the estate where he interacts with various people who do not want him anywhere near the estate.  Later, you find out it is because they believe the house and the land is haunted by a woman.  Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel Radcliffe, will not allow the townspeople to discourage him and continues on his task, and begins to realize something is there with him in the house.

I saw this movie alone at night in my bed on a work night and I was so SCARED!  Like peeking out of my covers scared.  It was all in good fun.  It was truly creepy and not a violent image in sight.  It truly engaged my imagination.

The movie is based on a book written by Susan Hill, which I will now have to find and read.

This movie is popcorn worthy and collection worthy.  Go watch it!


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